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Default Re: I'm here because StompK said you hate me

Atheist dont hurt people. The holocaust caused many jews to be non believers, i cant blame them !!!. They dont hate people and wish harm.. most are orthodox because that were the ones slaughtered. All religions dont hate and harm people.. YET, the FREEMASONS do.. no other in this have to stamp it, u cant disguise and pretend u dont know whom is responsible.
Label it, cap it, MASONIC ! no other, nowhere in this world is there a more evil cult than masonry. You cant go on into an oblivian saying what we need,
without links. , These is a body running around without a head !!!if quacks,walks, u know what the hell it is !!!. We are the "profane'. These cultists are 10 fold worse than arab terrioists. If you are not a gangstalking victim, You do not know what we go through !!. Many many women are victims with children, they to are harassed. A small child loses her pet hamster to a mason. they murdered the kids pet, thats what the child sees. they taught her, from the vets office home, in cars, pulling up beside them laughing,taunting the child that ,laughing...the poor child is crying profusely now !!!what evil !!!..Non believers would not do that, ONlY the trademark of a wickwed mason. When irish girl PHOBE killed herself, her facebook page was mocked, they cam on there and laughed at her death ! what sick sorry sons of bitches are these MASONS !!! ???
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