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Default Re: I'm here because StompK said you hate me

I see victim girl we somewhat think alike..
i apoligize for all my mispellings in last. im not a "hick" !! i get in hurry

I think u know what is going on.. all u need is point the blame !!!
I just have. im 100% sure of what i say.. when i found out the dirty cops, fireman were involved, it opened my eyes wide open !!!.. These low lifes are heavy in the medical field over here as well, as the emergency services.
This is for a reason victim girl. its not coincedental that they choose the medical field, emergency services. in an emergency state of mind, we are all vulnerable, are'nt we ??.. I would not go so far to say implants, but close !!!
something smells fishy ????. Conspiricy, yes, truth, yes..hell, u can go to prison for conspiring.Let them keep thinking conspiricy..
BULLYING/GANGSTALKING...same !!! U read of the young children killing them selves over here !!! its epidemic and God is tired !!!. My friend in New York is a athiest, big deal !!. like i said, they dont hurt people.ONLY MASONS.

Ive read all their oaths, all the garbage.they have to gangstalk, its in the 9th degree i posted.. To show courage...pitiful !! excuse for a human !!
do i hate them, as much as they do us ! u too atheist woman !!!.. they hate u too !!!.
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