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Default Re: I'm here because StompK said you hate me

Masonic Culture,masonic doctrine are to blame !!
Ofcouse Victim girl, Thier doctrine is based from the jewish Cabella, Kaballa
works, whch are 100% jewish. , ADL is jewish myself. Evil as hell.but u see, the masons worship 3 evil gods. baal is the worst and yehwah
hates whites, figure that one out !!...Masons have KKK blood. with the jewish B"na Birh, jewish masons, in charge ???. They own masons, lock stock and barrel !!.. And u know KKK dont like jews ????..

All im doing is exposing there sorry ass for what they are.. unhuman mangy,whores that ride the beast. !!!! scum of the earth !! yes, even there children.. they have planted there seeds in there children at birth.. God will close his eyes when his/her wrath is placed upon thy "breathen" . there eyes will collapse, tongues will fall to thy stomachs !!!. be left out in the sands for the vultures to peck there hearts out. I smile in pleasure!!!
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