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Default Re: Alex Jones- Proof of his lies

Here's the thing about Alex Jones.
He blows his "stories" way out of proportion, using persuasive language, and sometimes outright blatant lies. He claims there are "thousands of documents of the government admitting..." yet he does not site ONE source. Out of all of the documents, couldn't he point you to one? How does he verify these claims? He simply tells you that it's "out there, on paper". Not much of a help.
The other thing is this;
He wants your money. He sells DVD's for 20 dollars. Holy shit I can get a feature bluray for 10 dollars made by professionals. If you go to, 65% of the page is advertisements. Listen to his radio show. A commercial every 3 minutes.
When Joe Rogan was on his radio show, he was like "another commercial? are you kidding me? already?" and all Alex replied with was "It's standard radio protocol". Sure Alex Jones, whatever you say. Just take my wallet.
Not to mention his love for the church. But that's another story.

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