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Zero-Point Energy Extraction :-o :-o :-o

So then, the wires & the coils have to be sized for maximum load of 75 amps at 120 Vrms, & therefore they have to be thick. Not 2 ways about it (the ones that feed the appliance). They have to be thicker than your standard home wiring, so that it can handle the “75 amps.” Now, you then can connect whatever you want to it provided it’s a 110-120 appliance. For example, a standard power-strip is rated at 15A – 125V AC (rms).

Ok, from what you described, you said there were multiple coils w/in coils. How many? How far away from each other? Were they all of the same “height”, or were there any towards the center that were “taller” & like a cylinder? Just curious… I hope you are Ok, bud !!!

NOTE: Hey, this is the weirdest shit, all of the sudden I could not get through the site, specially when trying to answer back to you. I could still navigate the Internet, but for some odd reason I couldn’t get through to the “club”… And I don’t think it was the “server,” because I could “ping” it, I saw some people posted, but I couldn’t get through. I was practically “crawling.”

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