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Default Re: Alex Jones- Proof of his lies

He just had a 'money bomb' which was basically begging for cash, at the same time virtually threatening that his radio show was the only thing between the listener and 1984, and if they didn't cough up they would be in FEMA camps. He's very careful not to overtly say this, but suggests it.

He has this guy selling gold on nearly every day, warning that if you don't buy gold you are f+cked. Something really stinks. Why would this guy be selling gold so cheap if he thought the world was about to go tits up? Surely he would keep it for himself if it so important to get out of fiat currency. When people phone in to ask that very question HE DOES NOT ANSWER IT. He changes the subject.

It's money making, pure and simple. He's Billy Graham. He loves the NWO. He probably wept with joy when 9/11 happened. KERCHING! He pretends to be sad on his show. His acting is awful!

He complains that he only earns a million dollars a year too!

He's also a Christian, which means the thing he wants most to happen is a war in Israel, so jesus can come back. These people WANT the antichrist to rise up. No wonder he exaggerates most of his info.

Let's face it, to get from where we are now to 1984 would take massive events. A dozen 9/11 s on the same day. I trust the public, they wouldn't fall for it on that scale. One 9/11 every fifty years is about all they dare manage.

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