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Default Re: US Job Loss - Economy Or NWO Design – You Decide

US Job Outsourcing Avalanche - :-o :-o :-o

Yeah, I have never seen a job market here in the US so bad. Even though we know, there is plenty of money out there, obviously somehow, they are not funneling it through the same channels. As a result, you see malls & strip malls, that used to do regular business, little by little close shops, until they get deserted. Gas stations closing down, etc. Now in other parts, towards the more fancy places, you see new bridges, trees, etc. A lot of cosmetics, but overall, it seems like things are stale,… very stale.

I think the economy is going to collapse on its own regardless, & because of the trade imbalances, but that’s because of the Free-Trade-Agreement, which it seems as though, a lot of the negotiations are actually in secret. So no one knows what’s going to happen, when or where, until it happens. Obviously the officers at the corporations know, but nobody else knows until it hits you, then you know, but then it’s already too late.

However, the purpose, it seems to be in accordance w/ the “Protocols Of The Learned Elders Of Zion”, which, if you ever read even a brief summary of it, it spells it out right then in there. They want to destroy the middle-class. Turn everyone into a worker, & then you only have 2 classes. The supper wealthy elite, & the lower elites (wealthy & well off) – the business owners, attorneys, & doctors, & everybody else is now just, “just-in-time” labor.

The budget deficit, as has been covered here in the forum, is nothing but a mechanism (most people don’t know) to transfer the money from the social services & social needs, to the war, & thus to the military & their contractors. They get their pockets full, while they starve the society. War is the excuse. So, the money gets transferred right in front of your nose, but most idiots think that “they have to do it, or else…”, & they can’t even finish the sentence.

Unfortunately, we are surrounded by a lot of easy-going-beer-drinking-couch-potatoes, that think that, if they can still watch a ball game, everything is just fine. We are just going through some bad times,… but things are going to get better. This is America.

But we know, that’s a thing of the past… “the shit already hit the fan,” & it’s been flying all over the place.

Freedom is to understand, & to be unbounded by that Freedom -
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