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Default Re: Alex Jones- Proof of his lies

Originally Posted by albie View Post
Here we have a vid of Alex saying that the CIA admitted to faking the 'fat nosed Osama' tape.

CIA admits faking Osama bin Laden 9/11 confession video ~ Max Keiser and Alex Jones *LINK*

In fact the CIA admitted to attempting to fake a different video in which Osama was portrayed as being a gay, as shown in this article by the Washington Post.

SpyTalk - CIA unit's wacky idea: Depict Saddam as gay

Jones started out suggesting that this evidence shows they MAY have faked other Osama tapes and now he's openy lying and saying they have admitted to faking the 'fat nosed Osama tape'.

In actuality there is no evidence of this tape being fake.
i wonder what the big shots at headquarters think about this,from things being faked to open lies,what type of government is involved with these kinds of individuals
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