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Exclamation DIVIDE & CONQUER: Illegal Immigration and the orchestrated downfall of the U.S.

DIVIDE & CONQUER is a 9 part series about the illegal immigration issue that does more than just scratch the surface. This documentary shows how our corrupt government and corporations got the idea to purposefully and radically change our countries immigration policy in the 70's and the effects its had on our population, our infrastructure, and our daily lives as Americans.
D&C also shows how the third world's Elite-created, corporate-funded revolutionary movements are being smuggled into the U.S. along with illegals, fueling the fire that has engulfed our country. D&C also does well at portraying the extreme racism, hate and disdain directed at our country, it's citizens, and our laws. The producer shows just how real the situation is getting, with chilling confrontations and vicious attacks from those involved in the debate. What's most important about D&C is how well the film connects the dots, showing you who is REALLY behind it, who's perpetuating the issue to extreme limits, hoping it boils over. Finally, DIVIDE & CONQUER shows you point blank, WHY the Elite Power Structure is manufacturing the drama, and what their end goal is. LOVE IT or HATE IT, IT's A MUST SEE!

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