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Default Re: Is BlueAngel a Government Spy?

Originally Posted by galexander View Post
If you question BlueAngel too much then she threatens to ban you from the forum.

If you don't believe me then check out post 42 of "Is the Mafia Behind the 'Counter Culture'?" in the General Conspiracy Discussion.

For your reference this the full text of her post:
I don't ban anyone for questioning me.

Obviously, that is evident all over this forum.

You are harassing me.

Now, kindly continue with your free and open discussions and debates and cease and desist from attempting to berate me into agreeing with the opinions you hold about me and/or Alex Jones or you will be banned and, stop twisting my words and your words, in the process, while you try to engage me in what you perceive to be free and open debates and discussions but are nothing more than harrassment.

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