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Default Re: NASA’s Planetary Defense Coordination Office to Fight Asteroids

Originally Posted by mrcolumbo View Post
from whom did this report come from,has this report been sent to headquarters for complete review and authenticity
The final report of the Ad-Hoc Task Force on Planetary Defense of the NASA Advisory Council was delivered to the Council this month.

Huh? The Council delivered its' final report to the Council?


Excerpt from the above post:

"The NASA Advisory Council received a report that said it should build a Planetary Defense Coordination Office to fight Asteroids. The proposed new office will take funding that will amount to 250 – 300 million dollars each year for ten years. The new Planetary Defense Coordination Office will be charged with completing five key areas: organizing a defense, build warning capabilities, investigate threats, respond to threats, and lead planetary defense efforts."

Oh, great. Let's spend 250 - 300 million dollars each year on this since we all know, according the OP of this thread that Apophis 99942 is supposed to arrive in 2029 and 2036.

Let's see.

That's 250 -300 million each year and it's supposed to arrive in 2029.

You do the math.

Nothing more pressing in this country at present so, let's spend billions of taxpayer dollars on something that may or may not happen nineteen years in the future.

So, yeah.

Go, ahead.

Waste billions of US tax dollars preparing for something you have no clue might happen instead of creating jobs; getting people back to work and stimulating the economy with those billions of dollars.


Sounds logical to me.

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