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Default Re: Alex Jones- Proof of his lies

Originally Posted by mrcolumbo View Post
i wonder what the big shots at headquarters think about this,from things being faked to open lies,what type of government is involved with these kinds of individuals
Oh, it stinks, even if Jones has exaggerated the evidence. It still stinks. I suppose most people would agree with what they did or attempted to do, as nobody likes Saddam or Osama. We have no evidence that anyone faked the Osama confession tapes though. That fakery would be a major stink pile.

I guess the kind of government we have are pretty much made up of normal people. I can't think of many people I know who wouldn't have done the same thing if they thought it was for a good cause. Seems all the rare altruistic types don't prosper in government, or stay away from it.
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