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Default arming against theats!

hello all

i just want to put op this thread because i believe it is of great importance.
arming yourself against conspiracy's with knowledge and knowledge alone is not enough.
what good will knowledge be if some kind of secret police burst through your door in the middle of the night to "arrest" you?
what everybody needs is two things, materials and training.
materials are easy, knives are freely sold in every country and you can quite easily make one ourself from some scrap metal. for you in the US well firearms are a good option, but for most people outside the US it is not an option. but there is another way, in most country´s (even china and japan) guns functioning on air pressure are 100% legal!. you might think airguns cant do sh1t but they can. for instance an airgun named dragon slayer. its a 50. caliber good enough to use as a sniper rifle if you use a good scope. and there are many other options. you can even make them yourself for under $240,- dollars. if you want think guns are not good to have there is another option.
bows and crossbows. not to expensive every idiot can use them and the work.
of you are a construction worker, a nailgun will do the trick, just take every safety off, on the internet you can find manuals to do that.
so far the ranged weapons lets go to the more primal matters.
knives, knuckle dusters, swords etc.
some things you can just collect freely everywhere in the word like swords. small knives can be legally carried in most country´s and if the cant you can conceal them or make really hidden blades. like a old credit card with a sharpened edge or an old key on your keychain with a nice sharp point or edge.
blunt force objects.
knuckle dusters are illegal in most country´s but you can get very nice big rings you can wear everywhere you go and they do exactly the same thing.
baton´s work also very well a small thing you can extend to a nice big metal rod, always nice to have in your car.
and of course you can always have a big metal ball as a keychain (heavy knotted rope with a small metal weight also works very well.)

get to know your weapons of choice be comfortable with them. that is the most important thing. everybody can learn to use weapons as good as every soldier in the army (as you might have noticed most soldiers are not the smartest people around so it is just training and you can do it yourself just practice an half an hour a day and before you know it you can do it)

the hunter

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