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Default Re: Alex Jones- Proof of his lies

Recently Jones mentioned that certain parties were constantly badgering him with lawyers about content on his website. But they never go so far as to sue him. He doesn't mention any specifics.

To buy into Jones you have to believe that anyone can be part of the Illuminati. So when some college professor writes an article about eugenics in some journal, in Jones' eye, that's the illuminati pushing their agenda(rather than just some guys opinion). I seriously doubt that anything damning ever came up in an official undisclosed document. In all he doesn't seem to have much but rumour.

He also likes to point out all the nasty side effects of inoculations. You'd be hard pressed to get a figure out of him. That's the point. I've listened to his shows and he cleverly skirts around the figures with word play. We all know there are side effects and some people die. We accept that when we take ANY medicine.

He's very good at selling fear. But maybe he means it. Maybe he's not just making cash. Maybe we should be afraid.
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