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Default Re: Alex Jones- Proof of his lies

Originally Posted by albie View Post
The vast majority of people working in government (including the secret services) are just normal people. What we don't grasp is that they have responsibilities that we wouldn't begin to understand, and temptations that rarely come our way. I see many criminals amongst the lower classes, amongst the 'normal' folk. When some woman steals cash from the charity she works for we don't straight away see EVERY charity worker as a thief. But if it happens in government we do.

They start out normal but often end up acting very badly.

Like Alex Jones, who seems to think he's the only barrier between us and a fascist take over. Arrogance.

The same arrogance that affects those in power.
On this forum, when we refer to people working within the government and being involved in a conspiracy against the people, we are not referring to employees of the government such as the secret police, etc.

We are referring to the Elitists.

The Zionist Jews.

The "rogue" CIA.

The Federal Reserve.

The people behind the curtains.

Cheney, the Military Industrial Complex, the Rothschilds, the British Empire, the Mossad, etc.

The CONGRESS people who have been blackmailed.


I don't care about Alex Jones and what he thinks.


Take your obsession with him elsewhere.

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