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Default Re: Alex Jones- Proof of his lies

This isn't about Jones anymore. It's about how you wish to DEMONISE a chunk of the population because what they do is counter to what you want them to do. Sadly, it is free will that got you here in this position.

Nothing is abnormal. These people are YOU. They are YOU in a different form. if you wish to not be under their thumb then don't get involved in reality. Don't pay your tax. Your tax is being used for evil and to suppress you. Why are you paying for this? Stop paying. You'll have to suffer the consequences, of course, but if enough of you stop paying your taxes then the evil people will topple.

That's the only way. What are you waiting for?

Oh, and you'll also have to become a GOOD person to stop all the negative energy you produce all day feeding the reptiles and Satan(if you believe in all that).

I've given you the answer to your problems. Go on, do it.

Oh, you want someone ELSE to do it? You want the NICE CIA to topple the bad guys? You want someone ELSE to topple Satan? Like God?

Ain't gonna happen, chum.

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