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Default Re: Yes I moved stuff around ...

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
You're responding way too late; but I'll answer, anyway.

Just Groovy had the authority to make these changes because these changes were made.

Athough Just Groovy's signature line never indicated that she was a moderator of this forum, but merely "workin' for the man," she obviously had access to administrator capabilities.

Just Groovy send me a PM statiing that her employment with CC was terminated so, obviously, she was workin' for the man.

Any future changes that are made to this forum will be made by the administrator of this site, ME, and no, the members of this forum will not be included in a vote regarding any future movements.
hi,thanks for clearing that up,i think that me,being a great asset in regards to figuring out conspiracies should be allowed to have a say it such matters pertaining to conspiracy boards being moved
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