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Default The Movie

The movie will be a collaborative project.. it will be about the lives and times of the people who participate in an online Conspiracy forum.. their interactions and their get together at the first year anniversary of the sites opening.. ( I'd like it to be a musical comedy).. But if it turns out to be a tragedy, or a drama, that's O.K. too.. I'm easy.

As a collaborative project were we all can take part in its development.. Henry Makow will own the copy write, and have the final say over the script..

There is enough talent and brains here to make this happen, and it will be fun in collectively creating something..

All input will be considered and agreed upon by consensus.

Id like to help in the music department..

How can you help..

(I haven't checked with Henry to find out if we can do this, but if he doesn't evaporate the thread, then I imagine it is O.K)

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