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Default Re: This is not a Game.

Originally Posted by 2x2L View Post
If you're one of the, lets go gung ho grab our rifles and mow the JBT's (as I am) than please remember the sobering reality of war and the worst side of humanity.

Your Kids may die, your friends and family will likely die in front of you..

Will you be able to hold your dead father or friend or SON in your hands with half of his face missing, the rest plastered all over the wall behind you from a 7.62? Then Continue to fight the cause? If not, and not many can; even I'm not 100% if I can, than stay quiet, and stock up..

Do some serious thinking before you go spouting off about guns this and guns that, If you're truly committed to your principles and want to get things done; stop fucking talking about it because the ENEMY IS LISTENING TO YOU!

They are trying to anger us, so so much they are praying for some stupid ass to make a rash decision like try and shoot the President or kill some congressmen...

My friends the enemy is not on T.V, you never see him, he is the thousand points of light working behind the veil to create this new world order... They want us to be angered, rightfully angered, they want us to act...

But they don't know how big of a shit sandwich they're biting into, count on that, and shut your mouths and read... With love of course <3

By the way Hi.

hi,i have assigned a couple members of my team to look into these findings and see if there are any links to a conspiracy
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