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Default Re: The Blonde Map of Europe

I've traced my genealogy very far into the past with the help of my other relatives. Most of my ancestors are Nordic or Scotch. I'm a rarity, I have chameleon green/blue/grey eyes and stick straight blonde hair, no freckles. A lot of my descendents were either Norwegian or Swedish kings and queens. The combination of blue eyed genes and yellow eyed genes can produce produce green eyes due to the low amounts of melanin. My grandmother had yellow/green eyes and my grandfather blue, my mom yellow/green and my dad has blue. I have emerald green eyes. Only 2% or so of the world's population has green eyes, violet and red eyes being rarer and usually due to albinism.
Light eyes were made for areas far from the equator because of the lesser amount of daylight and the need to take in more vitamin d. Brown eyes are suited better for long daylight hours, such as around the equator.

I believe until recently, the theory was that straight hair could take in the sun better, as opposed to curly hair. But I think that now straiht hair has been discovered to hold in heat better(for the cold regions) and curlier hair for hotter areas.

So I guess I'm the perfect example of inbreeding. But i cannot complain, blonde's have more fun.
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