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Default Re: Our Government booked 800 rooms in Mumbai

Originally Posted by Pam View Post
This is precisely why I posted this article. My opinion is, or could be...if there are 2 Jumbo jets and Air Force One, there could be troops in those jets that will be closer to Pakistan. Also, the battle ships that are suppose to be protecting him, this too could be an excuse to get our ships nearer to Pakistan. Just my opinion.
It could be possible that the US may be targeting Pakistan. Our drones fly over the Afganistan/Pakistani border daily. Pakistan has nukes.

As for renting out the entire Taj Mahal Hotel...500+ rooms, I have no idea who will stay in them. Could be for security reasons, or maybe whats left of his executive branch is with him. The rest of the rooms where rented in other hotels.

I've been looking for further information on this. When I find it, I will post it. If you remember, the Taj Mahal was targeted by terrorists a few years ago. In my opinion, I believe Blackwater staged that attack. So, now they have the excuse for extra security.
why would the president go anywhere near a country he was going to strike? Not many people like Obama and I think he goes on too many high profile "vacations". Stay in your country and work on the problem here.
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