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Default Re: Masonic Shriners Pedophile Pigs

After investigations into three of the most notorious mass murderers
Shipman ,Huntley and Hamilton
it was clear that in every case UK police failed to take any action
against the growing mountain of evidence
showing they had been acting criminally right up to the time they had
The connection is clear that Dr.Harold Shipman(the second biggest mass
murderer in history) ,Ian Huntley(murdered two children after working
as a janitor despite a history af abuse) and Thomas Hamilton(who
murdered 16 children in Dunblane despite a history of complaints about
his conduct around children he took to summer camps) ALL had been
associated with an agenda connecting senior police officers to Masonic
secret society networks and who have infiltrated to control ALL key
areas of law .From lawyers,judges ,law lords ,politicians,Chief
Constables, right down to the ordinary constable ,the UK is dominated
by this sinister network.
The UK media fail time and again to expose that connection indeed the
UK media have throughout its history kept a TIGHT lid on a system that
dominates all parts of UK life.UNTIL the media stop covering up this
sinister connection we will continue to see MASONIC CONTROLLING bullies
and criminals getting away with MURDER thanks to those failures.
Internet users will continue to EXPOSE each and every part of society
that has been aiding and abetting masonic control over our daily lives
causing untold misery and deaths ,due to repeated and consistent
failures of our legal systems to stop masonic interference.The
complicity and collusion is breathtaking in a so called modern society
that will remain in the dark ages until there is widespread publicity
and debate on these serious matters.
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