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Default Re: Controlled by CIA Disinformation Agents got wind of the story and they have gone full throttle to slander, discredit, defame, insult, humiliate, intimidate and spread blatant lies about her person for over six moths now.
A colleague of hers from NASA told her that the intelligence sevices were trying to squash information she divulged by means of disinformation and attacks on her character and person to make her appear as totally unreliable and even unstable.
She was told that was owned, sponsored and manned by disinformation psyops agents who had targeted her for destruction and or ellimination.
She and her family has had to endure threats, intimidation and slander for six months now. Something need to be done to put a stop to their agenda!
She told me that the signal was definitely extraterrestrial and also that during her time on loan to NASA she was told a lot of things by her NASA employers about the ET reality.
They made her sign an oath of secrecy not to divulge the information for this.
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