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Default Re: Controlled by CIA Disinformation Agents

Excuse me, but why on earth did you send me the following in a PM instead of posting it here on thread?


Judy worked as a Radio Astronomer on loan to NASA during the beginning of this year.
They were experimenting with more senstive recievers based on tesla technology. Recievers that could recieve signals in the 230nm frequency range or in the ultraviolet range.
They have been working on this kind of reciever for many years, I think it was 8 years or so and they tested it in March this year with remarkable results.
That is when they were able to pick up signals which was conversations going on in code coming from deep space and another signal, much stronger on the same frequency being beamed from the earth as there was atmospheric echo involved with the signal beamed from the Earth by someone unknown.
To make a very long story short, NASA asked her to pack her stuff cause she had discussed the signal with a friend of hers who by mistake went and spread it accross the internet!

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