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family court mafia There are three layers of tyranny operating within the legal systems across the globe. The first layer are judges , then lawyers and finally the police. Each one of these operates by condoning each others wicked practices ensuring the ordinary members of the public are NOT receiving and witnessing justice but a form of law administered to suit the financial enrichment of these three groups operating on behalf of Britain's masonic run crown.

The police can shoot or brutally beat a suspect to death , which is a common occurrence and have little discipline enacted against them. Lawyers across the globe are primed to issue DODGY contracts by the banks for mortgages which are scams and then have the monopoly to seize those properties back any time they chose. Property, land and business theft is the BIGGEST criminal racket across the globe but they rely on their complicit media to cover up these crimes that NO OTHER CRIMINAL could get away with. Ordinary criminals may be able to steal the contents of your home , but unless you live in a trailer park they cannot steal bricks and mortar only the REAL MEGA criminal lawyers can do that with impunity sanctioned by the most criminally corrupt organisations on the planet , the law societies and bar associations that are all tied into the masonic and knight templar network operating out of the Inns of court in London.

Judges are merely glorified lawyers who rubber stamp the criminality of their legal brothers the lawyers and ensure cases, no matter how horrific against cops are dropped , as it is the cops who ultimately provide the thuggery for the bailiffs and sheriff officers that come to evict you from your home and all your worldly possessions. Every man across the planet is more at risk from these terrorists than any of the manufactured ones they use to distract attention from what they are up to. We get reports EVERY DAY of men being relieved of all their worldly possessions and finding themselves with their families out on the street thanks to the horrific criminality of those supposedly charged with enforcing law and order when they have in fact abused the law and replaced juries with state henchmen with outrageous powers of control over all our lives. Only a revolution will remove the powers these thugs have stealthily given themselves including the enormous damage being inflicted on their victims on a daily basis, as the laws they use are NOT laws that are legal or just but a parasitic system that attacks every man, woman and child who becomes a victim of their complete and utter tyranny.

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