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"American children used to be protected by laws which no longer exist. They were protected by families and normal society. Before television it wasn't so easy for self avowed witches to get inside their heads. The Illuminati/masons recognized Halloween as the opportunity to do that."

By Richard Evans

The significance of Halloween today isn't whether or not it was a day of mass human sacrifice by the Druids, derived from the Phoenician sacrifices to Moloch, even though it certainly was.

What we must understand about Halloween in modern times is that it's a mass magickal operation. To understand that, we must understand how an occult magic operation works.

The late 20th century customs of Halloween especially in the United States may as well have been composed and directed by Aleister Crowley. Crowley wrote rituals in the form of dramatic plays. The actors would take on the the character of a god or goddess, or demons the magickian sought to invoke.

It's really very simple. By acting like the thing, you become the thing. Crowley combined masquerade with Kabbalist invocations of demonic personality traits. He embedded them in dramatic scripts and in song lyrics.

It doesn't even matter if a participant is aware they're to become possessed, they only need to be persuaded to act out and hear the words. This in fact is the how behavioral engineering has been done through the Hollywood movies, television shows and music industry.

This writer attended dozens of the standard rituals of Crowley over several years, acted out by members of regional cliques of the Ordo Templi Orientis. There was a long one for the Autumnal Equinox which was done in several sessions over several weeks called The Rites of Eleusis. OTO rituals are usually private except this one, which was presented as a series of plays and tickets were sold to the public.

Halloween has become a multi-billion dollar industry. Halloween as we know it didn't exist in 1950. Before 1966. it was benign pointless excuse for children to parade door to door collecting free candy and an annual re-run of "It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown."

However, the 1966 Madison Avenue marketing blitz called "The Year of the Monster" glamorized Halloween as a 'lifestyle'.

The blitz included a plethora of gory toys, glamor sustained through television shows and movies, including two prime time sitcoms, "The Adams Family", and "The Munsters". Halloween as we know it was created by interests which we now identify as 'Illuminati' and Satanic. I did live through it, so I have no doubt about it.

Anton La Vey (Howard Levey) inaugurated the Church of Satan in 1966. This wasn't coincidental. La Vey's cult photos were disseminated in the major magazines. La Vey thus was providing that Mardis Gras, Halloween image as a lifestyle. The engine of conversion was sex - let's be honest, any Satanists out there. Halloween graduated from benign harvest celebration into a Sex and Death festival. Sex and Death = Thanateros. Don't tell me that mix of costumes I saw at the grocery store last night dressed either as zombies, or SM sluts, (and I saw two cross dressing males) isn't a merger of sex and death.

How is Halloween 'Christmas for Satanists'? Forget what they say about the old Celtic Samhain and all that. Halloween for Satanists today is a celebration of 'Lucifer Rising' - not Satan's birthday. In that sense it can be thought of as the Satanist's mockery of Christian Advent, which begins at the end of November.

In fact, Satanic 'advent' runs through autumn. There are several lesser known regional events with Halloween features celebrated regionally around the United States. I refer to various 'burning man' events. One in North New Mexico is called 'Zozobro'. It was invented by a Freemason in Santa Fe in 1926.

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