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Default Re: Is Light Really Made of Photons?

Photon's can have different energy levels. The photon is the basic unit of light. The energy per photon can be found using the planck-einstein equation E=hf where E is the energy, h is Plancks Constant and f is frequency. Plancks Constant= you'd have to solve for h. Because photons are emitted and absorbed by charged particles, they act as transporters of energy- in this instance, Electromagnetic radiation, which can be defined as a wave or particles. As a wave it's variables are the speed of light(it's velocity), frequency and wavelength. Electromagnetic radiation happens when charged packets of energy accelerate/oscillate. When the wave packet of a charged particle does not move and is it is positioned in a certain way it will oscillate, this being the change between photon states of a charged particle. As just particles they are known as photons.
Radio waves are longer than infrared light and are a type of electromagnetic radiation too. You can see short wave radio waves. Naturally occuring radio waves come in the form of lightening, the sun and pulsars, galaxies, etc, which obviously shoot off protons. Man made radio waves, such as for communication have low frequency while microwaves which are also radio waves work at extremely high frequencies. Different frequencies experience different combinations of certain factors in the Earth's atmosphere making radio waves useful for diffferent tasks.

Nikola Tesla of Serbia, (who some conspiracists claim may have been an angelic being from venus and was in favor of selected/little breeding) worked extensively with radio waves and invented the tesla coils also mentioned in a lecture that ruder boskovic, a croation jesuit scientiest that lived 200 years before einstein wrote extensively about space time continuum and the theory of realitivity.
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