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Default Re: "What Is The NWO?". Brilliant Short Film. 4 Meg WMV File

Great video. I knew the symbolism was in a lot of places, but I would of never normally noticed even some of the more obvious ones shown in that video.

Unfortunately that UFO clip is definately fake and IMO does the overall video no favours. The woman in the clip admitted it was completely fake, the fact she's an actor and it's listed on her CV should be proof enough of this.

IMDB link to actress (though no relevant info is there):

Thanks to Google images though, it's just one step from that to this: s

and one more to this:

" SCI-FI Promo (The Blimp) - Principal - Sci Fi Channel"

Just for reference, here's the original .mov file:

Take the video right upto the last frame before the white SCIFI thing comes up, see the cloud just out of view on the left through the window?

Spin the video back a bit.... OMG! The cloud has gone! Either that or someone forgot to touch a bit up at the end...
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