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Exclamation Re: Controlled by CIA Disinformation Agents

Off course ATS has done it!!!

It is 171 pages of 99% slandering, discrediting, defamation, insults, humiliation, intimidation and spreading blatant lies about the person of Judy Fältskog for over six months non stop, day and night!!!!

Every single person who stood up against your disinformation agents and spoke in favour of Jdy Fältskog has been permanently banned!!! EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM!!!

Can you tell everyone here why the owners and moderators of ATS are so bias that they allow your disinformation agents to say the most horrific things right down to below the belt, without getting a warning or being banned?

Anyone speaking in favour of Judy Fältskog even gets banned for writing something to challenge your disinformation agents on their own posts!

What kind of a site are you running!!!!???????

We are not stupid, we are not your subjects, so please dont treat us the public that way!!
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