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Default Re: Controlled by CIA Disinformation Agents

Originally Posted by gorgonzola View Post
John Lear had the same HORRIFIC Experience like Judy Fältskog with
No he didn't.

He spoke favorably about us for a long, long time. He event went so far as to create an official "ATS Tin Foil Hat" to sell at his booth at a UFO conference. We provided him with his own forum and allowed him to place his own ads and earn income from that forum.

When he attributed fabricated quotes to other ATS members is when he got into hot water. At that point we applied a posting-ban, making it clear that an apology would reinstate his status. He never apologized and instead seemed to feel that making up stories about us might gain himself more attention (or something).

He enjoyed "celebrity status" on the site until he broke the terms & conditions.

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