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Default Re: Controlled by CIA Disinformation Agents

Originally Posted by TheSkepticGuy View Post
There have been a handful of newly-registered accounts that were banned for inappropriate behavior -- insults, spamming, etc. -- that were attempting to "defend" the focus of the topic. No one is ever banned for their opinions and ideas, they're banned for being unable to participate with polite decorum.

There remain several participants in the topic who lean in favor of Ms. Fältskog who are active members... primarily because they're not being impolite.
Do you call it polite when all of your agents insult and humiliate Judy Fältskog, a married woman with for children by accusing her of being a transsexual and that she was a man!!!!!???? You call that polite!!??????

Your agents dont even refer to Judy Faltskog as she or her, but as "a it, a he/she, him and sir!!!!! You call that polite!!!!!?????

Your agents call her a "sex change"!!!! You call that polite!!!!?????

Show me one piece of official eveidence where her name "Judy Faltskog" together with her social security number is on an Legal / Official Document that will legally stand up in a court of law, that proves that she is a transsexual!!!!!

Have you any idea what TRAUMA the slander and blatant lies your agents are spreading about Judy Fältskog has had on her four children whom she brought into the world!!!!!!???????????

Did you know that her children are recieving psychological trauma support for the lies you are spreading about their mother!!!!!!!???????

Have you any idea what it is costing financially to help her whole family cope with the Trauma that your agents on have inflicting on them!!!!!!!???????????

Be sure of the fact that will be sued for liabil, slander, defamation of character, criminal injuria, intimidation and costs(to name a few)!!!!!

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