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Default Re: Wanted… Puppet Masons

Freemasonry and the Southern Baptist Church, etc... Rev. Charles Burchett already knew he was in for some tough times. In 1984, when he read from several of Albert Pike's statements, about 85 people left his church, most of them with close ties to the Masonic lodge. The Universal Seduction: Freemasonry and the Southern Baptist Church, etc... ************************************************** ************************************************** ************* - As members of a secretive brotherhood, Freemasons are no strangers to conspiracy theories. They have heard it all before -- that they are child-sacrificing cult members, or religious zealots plotting a New World Order with the Jews, or satanic anti-religious alien spies. With Dan Brown's newest novel, The Lost Symbol, hitting bookstores Sept. 15 -- much of it rumored to revolve around Masonic myths -- the Masons are in pre-emptive damage-control mode The Universal Seduction: Masons Prepare to Counter New Dan Brown Novel
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