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Default Re: Wanted… Puppet Masons

by Stephen Knight Other Masons. MASONS SELECT KEMP, TWO OTHERS TO GET SCOTTISH RITE 33rd DEGREE "Rep. Jack F. Kemp, R-Hamburg; the Rev. Don C. Markham and Howard D. Butler have been elected to receive the Scottish Rite 33rd Degree and become honorary members of the Supreme Council of the Northern Masonic Jurisdiction. Kemp, a member of Fraternal Lodge, F&AM, in Hamburg, is a member of Palmoni Lodge of Perfection, 14th Degree; Palmoni Council, Princes of Jerusalem, 16th Degree; Buffalo Chapter of Rose Croix, 18th Degree, and Buffalo Consistory, 32nd Degree. Uniserve Home Newt Gingrich, Confirmed Mason. Jack Kemp, Confirmed Mason. Storm Thurmond, Confirmed Mason. Jesse Helms, Confirmed Mason. Oral Roberts, Confirmed Mason. Pat Buchanan Knight of Malta . Skeleton Closet Jesse Jackson, 33rd Degree Prince Hall Freemason. Jesse Jackson Among Top 100 African-American Freemasons Billy Graham, World's most popular 'Christian' evangelist is a 33rd Degree Freemason Norman Vincent Peale, 33rd Degree Freemason, ex Grand Chaplain of the Grand Lodge of New York, Past Grand Prelate of the Knights Templar and Shriner. (now deceased) Robert Schuller, 33rd Degree Freemason, Pastor of the Crystal Cathedral and host of the popular "Hour of Power" television programme. Kenneth Copeland Jay Lovestone. Confirmed Illuminati. Was an official for Social Democrats U.S.A. (Layer of The Club Of Rome) and for decades the leading advisor to U.S. presidents on Soviet affairs and a strong direct link with Moscow. December 13, 2000 - George Bush Jr. Becomes the 43rd President of the United States. Confirmed member Skull and Bones. George W. Admits to being a Member of The Skull and Bones to Time Magazine Also a member of the Council On Foreign Relations. Confirmed Mason. Bush is closely related to every European monarch on and off the throne -- including the King of Albania -- and has kinship with every member of Britain's royal family, the House of Windsor. He is a 13th cousin of Britain's Queen Mother, and of her daughter Queen Elizabeth and is a 13th cousin once removed of the heir to the throne, Prince Charles. Bush's family tree can be documented as far back as the early 15th century. He has a direct descent from Henry III and from Henry VIII's sister Mary Tudor, who was also the wife of Louis XI of France. He is also descended from Charles II of England. George Bush Jr. And the Number 13 Vice President: Dick Cheney. A Most Dangerous Game Secretary of State: Colin Powell. Confirmed Mason SIR COLIN POWELL: WHY IS HE BEING CALLED A 'SON-OF-A-BUSH'? ex Secretary of the Treasury: Paul O'Neill, (headed Alcoa and the board of RAND.) ex Secretary of Defense: Donald Rumsfeld. (also chaired the RAND board at one time, and was a drug-company CEO) ex Secretary of Justice (Attorney General) John Ashcroft ex Secretary of the Interior: Gale Norton ex Secretary of Agriculture: Ann Veneman ex Secretary of Commerce: Donald L. Evans ex Secretary of Labor: Elaine Chao ex Secretary of Health and Human Services: Tommy Thompson (took more than $70,000 from Philip Morris and opposed smoking restrictions as governor of Wisconsin.) ex Secretary of Housing and Urban Development: Mel Martinez ex Secretary of Transportation: Norman Mineta ex Secretary of Energy: Spencer Abraham ex Secretary of Education: Rod Paige ex Secretary of Veteran's Affairs: Anthony Principi Presidential Staff ex Advisor: Karen Hughes ex Budget Director: Mitch Daniels ex National Security Advisor: Condoleeza Rice (was a corporate director of Chevron.) ex White House Chief of Staff: Andrew Card (was the leading lobbyist for the auto industry.) ex Environmental Protection Agency: Christie Todd Whitman exOffice of Management and Budget: Mitch Daniels ex U. S. Trade Representative: Robert Zoellick ex Federal Emergency Management Agency: Joseph Allbaugh The Freemasons and the Illuminati are hand in glove. The Masonic temple at Alexandria, Virginia (the city itself was named after Alexandria, Egypt, and is a hotbed of Illuminati activity) is a center in the Washington DC area for Illuminati scholarship and teaching. I was taken there at intervals for testing, to step up a level, for scholarship, and high ceremonies. The leaders in this Masonic group were also Illuminists. This has been true of every large city I have lived in. The top Freemasons were also top Illuminists. My maternal grandparents were both high ranking Masons in the city of Pittsburgh, Pa. (president of the Eastern Star and 33rd degree Mason) and they both were also leaders in the Illuminati in that area. Part 4: The Illuminati - Freemason

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