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Default Re: Controlled by CIA Disinformation Agents

Originally Posted by TheSkepticGuy View Post
If we're presented with evidence to the contrary, we'll gladly remove any wrong information. We've had an instance of someone making contact via our contact form, complaining of what was posted in the thread. As we've said to him, and you, and anyone else, we'll gladly make very-public corrections to any errant information posted by our members in topics such as this. Thus far, we've not received any corrections to post.
Everyone who has tried to prove evidence to the contrary has been banned within minutes of them stating they that they disagree with the bias information your agents are putting forward. Why is that?????
You say let them prove you wrong and as soon as someone wants to they get banned!!!
As soon as anyone posts a legal document to prove you wrong, the post is deleted and the person is banned!!!! Why is that!!!!!????????????????

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