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Default Re: Wanted… Puppet Masons

Dan Quaid is right in the middle of it !!! ALL this plays a role in our gangstalking.....

Wizard of Oz & Alice in Wonderland ARE MAJOR PROGRAMMING THEMES.

MGM Grand has HEAVILY INVESTED in a pyramid complex with these themes for their entertainment parks, to the tune of $1 billion; the complex is named LUXOR, which is also occultic.

Disney movies/institutions saturated with occultic symbology.

Jerry Lee Lewis is notoriously reputed among the 'Network' as an exceptionally sadistic RE-programmer of slaves caught trying to escape.

Misdiagnosed 'paranoid schizophrenics' illegally committed are called 'Broken Butterflies'.

15 states have recently created statutes of limitations on SADISTIC RAPE, in response to vast Monarch slaves recovering memories.
Uniforms displaying 'authority' heavily used in programming children.

For centuries Machiavellian elite have provided the basics of food & entertainment (sort of, but not really), so that FOCUS is placed on IMMEDIATE GRATIFICATION rather than seeing THROUGH it and question the motives behind the blatant & subliminal SUGGESTIONS permeating the very fabric of global reality.

Groton, Santa Clara University & Williamette University train the elite's children and Illuminati politicians-to-be.

Beta Theta Pi is a political fraternity with MANY Illuminati politicians as members.

Jesuit 'schools' throughout the U.S. used for ABUSIVE PROGRAMMING; Bill Clinton attended Georgetown U. (Jesuit) in Washington, D.C.

MANY military schools are for ABUSIVELY PROGRAMMING the elite's elementary boys.

An Illuminati foundation, W.K. Kellog Foundation, gave initial funding for 'Quest Program' (AKA Skills for Adolescence, Skills for Growing & Skills for Living), which is being 'adopted' by public 'schooling'.

Quest Program exercise called 'Elevator'-->visualization, guided imagery, mild hypnotic trance described as 'quiet, contemplative mood' & AGE REGRESSION.
Vidimax is a New Jersey occult porn video club that sells snuff films, footage of cannibalism, virgin sacrifices, occult rituals...and much, MUCH worse.
Chief financial power behind Warner Communications was Illuminati/Pilgrim Society member Eugene R. Black, retired head of World Bank. Warner Communications HQ'd @ Rockefellar Plaza & has produced several occult movies/books.
Shows having code words/programming scenarios DELIBERATELY scripted to 're'-mind slaves:

-Star Wars, Star Trek, Wizard of Oz, Love Boat, Fantasy Island, I Dream of Jeanie, The Little Princess, Miss Universe Contest 1995, Duck Tails, Bobby's World, Tiny Toons, My Fair Lady, ET,...etc.

Shows containing elements of Illuminati ceremonies/history/drug running methods:

-Bell, Book & Candle, Burn Witch Burn, Curse of the Voodoo, Equinox, Manos, The Hands of Fate, Witchcraft '70, Spirits of the Living Dead, Frankenstein, Night of the Living Dead, Bewitched, Raising Cain, Hellraiser 3,...etc.
Shows portraying total mind-control Monarch programming:

-Telephon, Manchurian Candidate, Videodrome, Labyrinth, Trancer II, Krull, The Attack of the Robots, Dr. Goldfoot & the Bikini Machine, Attack of the Puppet People, The War of the Zombies, Colossus - The Forbin Project, The Point of No Return (Jane Fonda's Bridgett-->OTO), Cat Girl, Golem, Cyborg 2087,...etc.

Hollywood productions exist SOLELY to PUSH mind-control agenda
Coca-cola (Illuminati ran)-->MAJOR advertiser for Star Trek.
'God'-man Dalai Lama-->HUGE fan of TNG.

Illuminati S & M porn film industry BOOMING for 1/2 century; MASSIVE humiliation, torture & snuff.

Michael Aquino-->'Mickey Mouse' programming (also his nickname)

Illuminati death squads FAR superior to Mafia.

William Joseph Bryan, Jr.-->(AKA William Joseph Bryon/William Jenning Bryan III)-->Chief of Air Force's 'Medical Survival Training' (covert mind-control section)-->programmed Sirhan Sirhan to be involved in Rob Kennedy asassination-->Bryan was Satanic priest in Old Roman Catholic church.
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