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Default Re: Wanted… Puppet Masons

Kepe Richardson
-->CIA agent abducting children for sacrifice

CIA Illuminati

Pat Bowlin
Bush (Sr. & Jr.) remember, Sr. Bush was over CIA
Sue Carper (CIA ops Dir.)
Hank Cochran (drug overlord)
Alan Dulles
Diane Martin of Hawaii
Irby mandrell (controls other family member slaves-->Barbara, Louise & Iriene)
Jim Maynard; CIA covert ops Belize
Jeff Merrit; St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Is.
Carl Misel
Jim Mithcell
Earl O'Brien
Linda Scale
Bob Tannis; w/Air Force Intel.

Temple of Set (spin-off of Church of Satan; recently reconstructed as Temple of Power) BUILT upon mind-control.

Dr. Flowers-->slave handler-->Grand Master of the Order of the Trapezoid

Edward Wayne Cox (AKA Eddie W. Hands)-->runs international business selling left hands of human sacrifice victims; Satanists call left hand 'the hand of glory'.

Sen. robert C. Byrd's legal expertise helped Aquino set up Temple of Set to fall under Constitutional legal protection.

Jerry Lee Lewis works closely with Temple of Set's Monarch slaves.

MANY members join under aliases for obvious child-killing reasons.

Church of Set membership CLOSELY GUARDED SECRET; it is:

Alex, Frank-->Setian 1st Deg., Illinois

Allee, John D.-->Adept 2nd Deg., Mass.; Satanic newsletter editor of Brimstone; Sinatra fan.

Anderson, Yolanda-->Adept 2nd Deg., Calif.; Black Magic adept, Satanic Priestess

Aquino, Lilith Sinclair-->Magistra Templi 4th Deg.; treasurer, founded Lilith Groto-->Largest/longest functioning Grotto of LaVey's Ch. of Satan; on T of S's Council of Nine; Sinclair (Illum.) bloodline.

Aquino, Michael-->vain Ipsimus 6th Deg. of T of S, Missouri; Lt. Col. U.S. Army w/high level sec. clearance; military Intel. & Army's psychic warfare battalion; Green Beret; ACLU member; Defence Intel. College; prominent teacher of creating Monarch slaves.

Austen, David-->Priest of Set 3rd Deg., London, Eng.; Black Magician; studies Crowley

Barret, Ronald L.-->Priest of Set 3rd Deg., Colorado; ex-Airborne Ranger interested in alchemistry

Bennett, Clifton B.-->Setian 1st Deg., Colorado; studies Crowley/Medieval Satanism/Kenneth Anger

Berkey, C. Joseph, 3rd-->Adept 2nd Deg., Virginia; occult art/Enochian Magic

Blood, Linda-->wrote book about time with Aquino & T of S.

Blount, Larry D.-->Setian 1st Detg., Texas; studies Frierich Nietzche/Black Magic

Bozeman, Clayton C.-->Adept 2nd Deg., oregon

Bradley, Curtis A.-->Setian 1st Deg., Colorado; Freemason, HEAVY reader of vampirism

Browning, willie-->USAR officer

Buckman, Samuel-->Setian 1st Deg., Accra Ghana, W. Africa; wants to spread Black Magic in W. Africa

Butch, William T.-->Priest of Set 3rd Deg., Penn.;Lt. Cmdr. of Navy SEALs; studies ancient Egyptian Satanism

Campbell, adam N.-->Adept 2nd Deg., Melbourne, Victoria, Aust.; Satanist interested in politics

Chandler, Kendal T.-->Setian 1st Deg., Penn.;musician into heavy metal music

Clark, Julian R.-->Priest of Set 3rd Deg., England; practices hypnotherapy in London; snakes for pets

Cruse, Roger D., 2nd-->Setian 1st Deg., Georgia; studied clinical psychology

DeCecco, R. Amn-->Magister Templi 4th Deg.,Maine; T of S's Council of Nine

DiCicco, Carman J., Jr.-->Setian 1st Deg., NJ; studies Bruce Lee/Machiavelli/Anton LaVey; likes Black Sabbath/Ozzy

DuNard-Philips, Carolyne-->Adept 2nd Deg., Missouri; Egyptian/Enochian Magic; heads Egyptian Magic Lodge

Egan, Shane M.-->Setian 1st Deg., Wellington, New Zealand; Heavy Metal/Martial Arts/mind-control interests

Engels, Georges-->Setian 1st Deg., Belgium; practices Black Magic

Evans, Larry-->Priest of Set 3rd Deg.; Sentinel of the Gates of Hell Pylon

Farnsler, William E.-->Adept 2nd Deg., Texas

Felczak, John J.-->Adept 2nd Deg., Calif.; studied wide variety of occult systems

Ferguson, Rick A.-->Setian 1st Deg., Ohio

Flowers, Nancy K.-->Magistra Templi 4th Deg., Texas; editor of the Scroll of Set, part of the Bull of Ombos Pylon in Austin, TX.

Flowers, Dr. Stephen E.-->Magister Templi 4th Deg., Texas; Grand Master of the Order of the Trapezoid; expert of runes & Germanic occultism. be cont'd...
CLOSELY GUARDED SECRET Church of Set membership cont'd:

Fox, D. Pete-->Setian 1st Deg., Illinois; interested in Nazism's occultism.

Friedal, Peter-->Priest of Set 3rd Deg., West Germ.; high deg. member of Ordo Saturni; Scottish Rite 30th Deg.; Quator Coronati Lodge of London member; Illuminati generational Satanist; promotes Europe's Satanic growth.

Gallo, Walter J.-->Setian 1st Deg., NY; former painter; interested in Crowley/Satanism

Gibbs, Cynthia K.-->Setian 1st Deg., Calif.

Goff, Joseph A.-->Adept 2nd Deg., Mich.

Grady , James S.-->Virginia

Gregoire, Raymond A.-->Priest of Set 3rd Deg., Wash. state

Grise, Kevin M.-->Setian 1st Deg.; hypnotherapist & rehab counselor.

Guliaeff, Nickolai N., Jr.-->Adept 2nd Deg., Calif.

Gyori, John G., Jr.-->Adept 2nd Deg., Texas

Hand, Eddie W.-->Setian 1st Deg., Lousiana

Hardee, Bryan C.-->Setian 1st Deg., Wyoming; was part of guild of magicians called G.T.P.

Hardy, Patty A.-->Priestess of Set 3rd Deg., Maine; reads Robert Anton Wilson.

Haywood, Michael T.-->Setian 1st Deg., Illinois (now possibly Pittsburgh).

Hearty, Marie L.-->Setian 1st Deg., Ontario, Can.

Hinson, Eulit M.-->Adept 2nd Deg.; Black Magician; studies Crowley/Aquino/Golden Dawn/Nietzche/Vampirism, etc.

Jantschik, Walter-->Adept 2nd Deg., W. Germ.; Black Magician studying Vampirism/demonology/fraternal orders

Johnson, James R., Jr.-->Adept 2nd Deg., Nevada

Johnson, Lynn (later married W.T. Butch)-->high Setian rank; left to form Temple of Nepthys

Joyner, James C.-->Sec. of the Order of Leviathon; Baxley, GA

Kalivoda, Kurt-->Setian1st Deg., Illinois; studied OTO Black Magic

Keil, Jeffry J.-->Setian 1st Deg.; member of Rune-Gild

King, Stephen P.-->Setian 1st Deg., So. Carolina

Knowles, James L., Jr.-->Setian 1st Deg., Minn.;studied Enochian Magic (Knowles family somewhat prominent).

Laakso, Petri-->Setian 1st Deg., Finland; joined T of S as young man entering Finnish Armed Forces.

Lance, Rebecca C.-->Priestess of Set 3rd Deg.; member of a Satanic band called 'The Children'.

Lee, John-->Setian 1st Deg., Queensland, Aust.; interested in Nazism/SS rituals.

Lewis, James-->Ipsissimus 6th Deg.; Council of Nine; Baxley Georgia; formerly with Church of Satan

Lilly, James H., Jr.-->Setian 1st Deg.

Lima, Peter J.-->Setian 1st Deg.

Lynch, Scott C.-->Setian 1st Deg., Halifax, Nova Scotia; interested in neo-Nazism/KKK.

Mahoney, Michael-->Setian 1st Deg., Mass.

Mann, Dennis K.-->Priest of Set 3rd Deg.; Order of the Trapezoid, & Order of the Vampire, NY; USAR in MI; propoganda expert & an attorney.

Mattews, Lee J.-->Adept 2nd Deg., Conn.; studies Yezidee Satanists.

McGranahan, Timothy L.-->Adept 2nd Deg., Illinois

Menschel, Robert-->Magister Templi 4th Deg., Calif.; MENSA member; computer whiz kid; editor of Ruby Tablet.

Moffat, Robert H.-->Magister Templi 4th Deg., Calif.; co-fndr of T of S; Council of Nine; SCROLL editor; operated Set-Amentet Pylon in L.A.

Moore, Patrick R.-->Setian 1st Deg., Fl.

Neilly, Robert W.-->Magister Templi 4th Deg., Ontario, Can.; co-fndr of T of S; Council of Nine chrmn.; ESP research.

Nielson, Ruth A.-->Adept 2nd Deg., WI; ex-Catholic nun; Hermetic Magic; computers

Nourse, Andrew-->Setian 1st Deg., MA; amteur radio; computer programmer; massage magic.

Osbourne, Amanda-->Adept 2nd Deg., CA; likes Stephen King Novels/Star Trek/horror films.

Page, Richard E.-->Setian 1st Deg., MI; Runic & Enochian Magic

Parkin, Antony-->Adept 2nd Deg., Lancashire, Eng.; studies Nazi SS.

Pridgen, William D.-->Adept 2nd Deg., So. Cara.; studies Crowley/Lovecraft/Grant/R.A. Wilson/John Wheeler, etc.

Radtke, Walter-->Adept 2nd Deg., CA; experimental artist; interested in Da Vinci/Tesla/Velikovsky.

Reichensperger, Peter-->Setian 1st Deg.; mathematician; Esoteric Order of Dragon; works with computers.

Reynolds, Linda-->Magistra Templi 4th Deg., Tenn.; co-leader of Seshen Pylon, San Fran.

Reitze, Perry A.-->Setian 1st Deg., Fl.; Satanist; interested in Satanic Bible/ritual magic/Egyptology/demonology.

Rigby, Michael S.-->Adept 2nd Deg., Tx.

Rivera, Peter N.-->Adept 2nd Deg., Calif.; interested in magical effects of drums/music.

Robinson, Robert W.-->Priest of Set 3rd Deg., UT; snake interest; studies Illum.; built ritual sites in Death Valley; explores Aztec ruins.

Rowlett, Curtis A.-->Adept 2nd Deg., GA; Crowley/Thelema interest.

Rush, Jennifer-->Adept 2nd Deg., N.S.W. Aust.; Tarot card hobby

Russell, Diane-->Setian 1st Deg., Fl.; Black Magic practicer.

Sandling, Frances S.-->Adept 2nd Deg., Dorset, Eng.; John Dee(Enochian Magic)/Crowley/LaVey interests; performs Black Magic rituals. be cont'd...
CLOSELY GUARDED SECRET Church of Set membership cont'd:

Sass, James D.-->Setian 1st Deg., P.O. Box 666, Daytona Beach; H-core Black Magician

Saunders, Richard-->Adept 2nd Deg., England; Black & Chaos Magic interests

Schumacher, Jeurgen-->Setian 1st Deg., Germany; works with Hatha Yoga, likes Odinism, studies hypnotherapy

Scott, Eardley W.-->Setian 1st Deg., NJ; rock/jazz fusion drummer; likes Enochian magic & it's conversion to Setian Symbolism

Shull, Robert W.-->Adept 2nd Deg., VA

Snow, Heather L.-->Adept 2nd Deg., NM; artist

Sobolewski, R. Douglas-->Setian 1st Deg.; Rosicrucian (AMORC) 8th Deg.; amateur astronomer

Spriet, Patrick-->Adept 2nd Deg., Belg.; Nazism/Egypt interests; multi-lingual (5)

Taylor, Lucifer E.-->Setian 1st Deg., MA; Exec. Sec. of Brimstone, a journal of the Anc. Brotherhood of Satan

Thompson, Elana-->Setian 1st Deg., OR; occult/science fiction/Middle East anthropology

Van Van Patten, William P.-->Setian 1st Deg.; likes Ozzy/Black Sabbath/Stephen King/Nazism

Watson, Arnold R.-->Setian 1st Deg., TX; Egyptology/Yezidi Satanists/Enochian magic interests

Webb, Don-->Adept 2nd Deg., TX

Weirich, Richard J.-->Setian 1st Deg.

Wendall, Margaret A.-->Magistra Templi 4th Deg., CA; was prominent member of Ch. of Satan, editor/founder of Scroll of Set

Whitaker, Colleen G.-->Honorary Setian, OH; artist/tarot interest; concillor/Exec. Dir. for Ch. of Satan

Whitaker, Roger L.-->Honorary Setian, OH; film maker/likes horror films

Winkhart, Roland-->Priest of Set 3rd Deg., Germ.; helps Peter Friedel operate Black Diamond Pylon in Germ. for T. of S.

Zajkowski, Marie M.-->Priestess of Set 3rd Deg., CA

Zimmer, Brian E.-->Adept 2nd Deg., OH

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