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Default Re: gauging NWO regress by hollywood productions

There wasn't a single R-rated movie in the top 20 grossing movies last year. Will Hollywood get the message?

The 20 top grossing movies of last year all have one thing in common not one carried an R rating. Experts say there's a struggle between what families want to watch and what the Hollywood studios make.

The PG-13-rated "Spider-Man" was last year's top grossing movie. Bob Smithouser, editor of Focus on the Family's Plugged In magazine which helps educate parents about popular culture said part of that success was a sense of values.

" 'Spider-Man' made over 400 million dollars," Smithouser said. "I think the message to Hollywood on that one is: It's great to have an action film, but it's even better to have a character-driven, morally centered action film. It's not a perfect one, but there are elements to that movie that made it more than simply another superhero yarn."
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