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You missed the point.
I put those spell exerpts in my post to show the similarities between them and masonic ritual verbage.
I never suggested that you were of cockney-like status, either. But, your background can be identified by gestures and body language, too. I bet you can probably tell by the way a person walks what part of GB he/she is from. They may not be able to know exactly where you are from, but they can identify where you're not from - and that's all that matters.
As far as your lodge goes, I have no doubt it's listed. That's my point. You're not privy to the secret lodges. What happens is that there are members of various listed lodges that are also members of their own secret lodges - or some are just in the secret lodges altogether.
Just because it isn't listed in the UGLE doesn't mean it doesn't exist. Again, case in point - P2 Lodge out of Italy. It was made up of various masons from all different lodges and it's aim was to subvert and then take over the Italian government. There were press members, bankers, military, even priests. It's well documented.
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