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Default Lack of real political discussion on web

I found this post on Renses forum posted by a guy with the name of Prioris- it left me on the floor laughing, hope others enjoy it too. :-P

when one looks at the internet so few people participate in political discussions. the lack of emotional outrage is truly amazing.

many of the paid posters have a lot of forums in which there are no participants and others where every eon a real poster will post. the result is that there really isn't a lot of work for them to do even with a US population of 300 million citizens

i think if the security apparatus shutdown all it's fronts, political media, paid posters and monitors - politics would be as much discussed as alchemy

if political discussion on the internet gets any more deader in terms of two way political discussion, it will cease to exist as a subject

if it weren't for the fake posters, 99% of the political forums and discussion would disappear

without us, the paid posters would just go back and forth between themselves with nobody to see what they post except their handlers

the NSA say they will hire 4500 new employees

that means they will be at least new 45 employees dedicated to monitor each american dissident on internet full time because they will have nothing else to do.

i can imagine them listing people who eat Quaker oats cereal as members of an antiwar or peace group. Rooting for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would get one categorized as a terrorist.

the last couple generations of young people have been extremely dull politically. their political profiles are probably blank or filled with their favorite songs or what they like to wear or eat or their sex habits.

in the end, i know without me and the few other real posters, many fake posters would be without jobs. i help feed the fake posters families and i hope they appreciate it.

for the newbie fake posters, i'm sure after spending time on the internet and seeing the pathetically short list of internet users they come up with that talk about politics, they are overwhelmed with relief when they see me. they say - finally i found someone not working for the government talking about politics. so their list goes from 8 names to 9.

maybe us real posters who discuss politics should go on strike until we also get paid a lot more than the fake posters since we are in short supply.

maybe we real posters start a company and list it on nasdaq. It will be called Real Posters R'us company who talk about politics. We sell our services. Other people will try to start a company to get in the business but we can advertise ourselves as 'authentic' and the 'pioneers'.
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