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Default Re: Lights in the sky and little green men

This is as good a time as any I suppose.

Twenty-four and a half years ago I was out with a couple friends. It was nearing midnight, we were out in the country-side and heading home. I'm driving, Kev is in the front and Ed is in the back. Kev sees something (he would be the dark character in this adventure) and I glance over. It's light in the woods. I look back at the road to check for obstacles, cars, ect. then take a better look. It's moved and it's moving out of the woods toward the car. Kev and Ed have been talking the whole time; is it someone in the woods spotting deer (no road), is it a house (no house) or is it a helicopter (the tops of the trees are dark and there is no sound).

Then everything went white.

If you've ever been in total darkness, you know you can't see your hand in front of your face. This was like that. Also, if you go from total darkness to bright light it hurts your eyes. This wasn't like that. When the light was gone it was as if nothing happened. No eye stress. This seemed like maybe two seconds. From normal to light to normal.

After the light passed I glaced back in the direction of where it had been. Nothing, but I noted the stunned looks on their faces and the silence. As I was turning in the other direction, to look into the side mirror, I was stunned to find that was after 2:30 am; nearly 3 hours later then I last glanced at the clock about a half a mile earlier at stop sign at the intersection.

None of us spoke the rest of the way home.

I didn't talk to anyone about it, I had forgotten the incident. Kev denied it ever happened. Ed claimed to have been thinking about it when I brought it up ... twelve years later. In fact he recalled his mom waking him up the next day a bit after noon (he was a cook and worked the evening shift). She told him not to say out so late, he said he was home at midnight, she countered that he didn't get home until three, he was surprised to learn his mom was right.

But there is more.

Between the incident and the first memory I went to a baseball game at Wrigley Field in Chicago; about six and a half years after it happened and about five and a half years before I would remember. I like street performers so I like to stop and listen. They were pretty good, they had a guy on the sax who wasn't too bad. So I'm enjoying the music when I'm overcome by the feeling I'm being watched. I turn and directly behind me is the perfect woman staring right at me (to each his own). She said, "I wondered how long it would take you to notice me." Problem is, her lips didn't move and she's 25 feet away with ample crowd noise. A telepath? I thought that I must be imagining this. Then she said something to the effect that she knew I was confused, she could read my thoughts and could allow me to read hers. She continued on about whatever and then said, " ... because you have seen the light ..." Again, seeing the light was surpressed. I was numb. I didn't put it together until a few months ago.

I put it all together twenty-four years after the fact. I remembered seeing the light, again, and I connected it to the telepath at Wrigley. And for what it's worth. Gordy was standing next to me listening to the sax man. He turned and said, "that girl is checking you out", the telepath.

There is more that I can tie in ... how much of reality can you handle? (no little green men)
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