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Default Re: The Movie The Movie

Scene 12???

The club members plot to save Houston after receiving the potential bomb threat.

(camera showing forum thread communication)


nohope187: DUUUUDE, we gotta save Houston and be heroes! 8-)

sablefish: I agree nohope, something must be done! Perhaps we can round up enough members to picket Washington and congress will be caught off guard and back off. Better yet, perhaps we can all picket naked like back in the 70's. What fun!

marypopinz: OH MI GOD! OH MI GOD! What can I do? Oh I know, I'll withdraw a hundred dollars in American singles and write GET OUT OF HOUSTON on am I going to distribute the money there?? Oh well, no time to think about it now, gotta get to the Nazi Scotia bank before it closes.
This is going to be Mahoosive!!!xoxox

rushdoony: I was speaking to some people from Houston last night and I warned them about the potential threat but they just wouldn't listen. I should've told them about it BEFORE telling them my world in no motion theory. (sheepish face) Hey Mary, why don't you save your money and buy some breasts if we're going to picket naked!

madkhao: What's the point? We're all gonna die sooner or later. Let's say a prayer. Dear God,
If we're gonna die, please let it be quick and painless and please don't leave our souls in Hades. Amen.

(camera goes to different shots of different members. Some madly rushing to save lives, some still poking through forums, some resorting to the fetal position in their closets, all in the name of humanity.)
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