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November 15 1995, Steven Brian Alvarado v. State of Texas, 912 S.W.2d 199, Convictions and death sentence affirmed.

Overview: Alvarado killed two people, a mother and son, during a drug deal. A year or so prior to the murder Alvarado had been in the hospital. The psychologist stated he was considered "violent and dangerous and that he had a full-blown antisocial personality disorder."... he had "no concern for the rights of others, and that he admitted selling illegal weapons, abusing and selling illegal drugs, sexually assaulting a woman, mutilating human infants in satanic rituals, and committing numerous other crimes. He was discharged after twelve days in the hospital because he was felt to be a danger to the other patients and that he was not suffering from a mental illness that was treatable, and, therefore under the mental health code had to be discharged."

August 1995, Edward Bennett v. State of Nevada, 901 P.2d 676, Murder conviction affirmed.

Overview: Bennett was sentenced to death for killing a girl. Writings were seized showing that the murder was "ritualistic and satanic." Some of these statements included: "There's a problem in this country and has a lot to do with being white. There's too many people with ugly skin."... "I need to kill somebody or tear someone apart. I got to satisfy my need, cure this thirst for blood. So as I make the sacrifice by doing it just for you and kill this child, for it is a first born, I'm giving you my soul, Satan. Where is my reward? My thirst for blood is now calm, but it shall rise again. My power is so strong I need to cause some death. For Lucifer's inside of me, and I don't want to let him out. I look in the mirror, I see him in my eyes. I feel his heart beating in my chest, and I know it is not mine. For I feel so privileged for I'm with number one. I'm so f_____powerful and my reigning has just begun as I kill and kill again. I feel my rewards come on. My power's growing even greater. I'm so f___ strong for I am the devil's right-hand man. I carry out his every chore. I make this sacrifice in his name, Lucifer the Great, blood splattered on my face from the kill I've just done.

July 1995, STATE OF NORTH CAROLINA v. MICHAEL ALAN PARKER, SR. NO. COA94-1045 COURT OF APPEALS OF NORTH CAROLINA 119 N.C. App. 328; 459 S.E.2d 9; 1995 N.C. App. LEXIS 523 July 5, 1995, Filed. Convictions for multiple counts of child molestation affirmed.

Overview: The defendant thought there should be a mistrial for several reasons, one of which was witness testimony that he threatened to bomb the woman's shelter his wife and family were staying at. Appeals court describes children testimony: "... Defendant pulled down S's pants and threw her on the floor and inserted a spoon into her vagina and moved it around. Defendant took blood that was on the spoon, put it in a cup and drank it while the others were standing around singing with lit candles."..."S testified that when defendant took her to the woods behind her grandmother's house and abused her in front of several people holding lit candles, another young girl, A Robinson, "started screaming at first and then she jumped up and she had no clothes on and she started running and her dad jumped up and started chasing after her through the woods." One of the children also described molest by the grandmother. In news articles she's named as the co-defendant. A news article relates that the children testified that Parker raped and sodomized them in the family's trailer near Saluda and in nearby woods, often while other people wearing black pants and white shirts stood around chanting. See, "Dad guilty of Abusing children Sexually, Eight Life Sentences" Greensboro News & Record, Feb. 6, 1994

June 1995, Athens, Greece; Satanic Cult leader Asimakis Katsoulas and Manos Dimitrokallis were found guilty of kidnapping, raping and murdering a 30 year old woman and a 15 year old girl during occult ceremonies. They were sentenced to life imprisonment. Dimitra Maryetti was found guilty of complicity and sentenced to 23 years.

Overview: Katsoulas and his "high priestess" confessed to leading a 20 member satanic cult, which had conducted animal and human sacrifices for three years. The first victim was killed at her initiation ceremony. Katsoulas claimed he was the vehicle for "ancient demons." Another witness was abducted when the murderers told her they were police officers who wanted to question her. See, "Two young men confess to Rape, Murder of two women as part of a satanic cult ritual, police said"; AP, Dec. 28, 1993 and "Court convicts, sentences two to life terms for murder", AP, June 30, 1995.

December 1994, IN THE MATTER OF: Heather BARKER, NEGLECTED CHILD, COURT OF APPEALS OF OHIO, Case No. 441 SEVENTH APPELLATE DISTRICT, HARRISON COUNTY, LEXIS 6100, Juvenile Court Decision to Grant Permanent Custody to DHS Affirmed

Overview: At the age of 5, Heather was taken into custody by DHS due to physical injuries to her genital area. Cumulative testimony proved to the court that she'd been sexually molested by clear and convincing evidence, although there wasn't any obvious perpetrator to hold accountable. The mother was cited for neglect and was given 18 months reunification services but they did not alleviate the problems which brought the child into custody. Social Services didn't think the mother could protect the child. The child was prone to "trance-like" states after unsupervised visits with the mother and other unusual behavior. A treating psychologist and social worker thought the child had been ritually sexually abused based on her statements. A trial took place contesting these matters and the court amended the abuse complaint, based on clear and convincing evidence, to a finding of neglect as well.

April 1994, In Re: Chrystal and Tasha, Superior Court of Connecticut, Juvenile Matters, Lexis 1061. Termination of Parental Rights Affirmed

Overview: Appellate opinion cites that these children were in several placements over a period of 4 years after a finding of neglect in juvenile court. The mother was in and out of prison due to drug usage and sales. One of the children had been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder and had been subjected to Satanism. It was not clear whether the incidents took place with the biological mother or in the foster homes the child was in over the years where allegations of abuse had been confirmed. Further exploration revealed that the child connected terrifying experiences in a ritualistic, abusive church and sexual abuse with her biological mother. Contact with her mother was suspended when the child began exhibiting negative behaviors after visitations or after other types of communication.

March 1994, State of North Carolina v. Patrick S. Figured, 446 S.E.2d 838, Convictions affirmed for first-degree sexual offenses involving 3 children.

Overview: Figured had entered an Alford Plea of guilty to all three charges. The state agreed to dismiss charges against his girlfriend, Sonja Hill. The DA reindicted Sonja Hill and on April 15, 1991 wanted his guilty plea set aside on the grounds the DA had violated the agreement. The motion was granted. On March 9 1992, a grand jury re-indicted Figured and he was convicted of all charges. A news article reports that parents of two of these victims filed a civil suit against Sonja Hill and her mother who ran the daycare center. The parents alleged that their children had been forced to participate in Satan worship while being abused. The kids spoke of having to drink blood, their abusers burned Bibles and wore masks and capes. Hill and her mother did not answered the lawsuit, and a Johnston County jury awarded a $10.5 million judgment to the parents who didn't believe they'd ever collect the money but wanted other people to know that these acts do occur. See, "Johnston couple win child sex abuse suit" News and Observer, Mar 27, 1990

Dec. 1993, Washington D.C, United States. On December 27, 1993, U.S. News and World Report cited that the Justice Dept. was reinvestigating the "Finders case."

The news article mentions that some of the unresolved questions are allegations that the Finders Group are linked to the Central Intelligence Agency and whether or not the investigation into their activity had been closed inappropriately.

Overview: "The many unanswered questions about the Finders case now have Democratic Rep. Charlie Rose of North Carolina, Chairman of the House Administration committee, and Florida's Rep. Tom Lewis, a Republican, more than a little exercised. "Could our own government have something to do with this Finders organization and turned their backs on these children? That's what all the evidence points to," says Lewis, and there's a lot of evidence."... "Law enforcement sources say some of the Finders are listed in the FBI's classified counterintelligence files."

As background, in early Feb. 1987 six children were taken into custody in Tallahassee, Florida. Two men were charged with child abuse, but charges were dropped. The men said the children were "transporting these children to Mexico and a school for brilliant children" Their mothers were located in a group called the Finders. At the same time, Washington, D.C., police and U.S. Customs Service agents raided a duplex apartment building and a warehouse connected to the group. Customs Reports cite that among the evidence seized were detailed instructions on obtaining children for unknown purposes around the world, child trafficking, instructions to keep the above six children moving and how to avoid detection, several photographs of nude children that appeared to "accent" the child's genitals; photographs of children involved in animal rituals, an altar, jars of urine and feces, and a staging area, all of which appeared to the Custom's Agents as an "indoctrination" center. Custom's agents were told to drop their investigation because it had become a "CIA internal matter" and that is documented in their report.

"Officials of the U.S. Customs Service, called in to aid in the investigation, said that the material seized yesterday includes photos showing children involved in bloodletting ceremonies of animals and one photograph of a child in chains. Customs officials said they were looking into whether a child pornography operation was being conducted." See, "Officials Describe 'Cult Rituals' in Child Abuse Case", The Washington Post, Feb. 7, 1987 and, "Through a glass, very darkly: Cops, spies and a very odd investigation," U.S. News and World Report,
December 27, 1993/January 3, 1994

November 1993, COMMONWEALTH OF PENNSYLVANIA v. RICKIE JAY GADDIS, Appellant NO. 00561 PITTSBURGH, 1993 SUPERIOR COURT OF PENNSYLVANIA 432 Pa. Super. 523; 639 A.2d 462; 1994 Pa. Super. LEXIS 963, Argued March 22, 1994

Overview: In the judges own words, "These consolidated appeals are taken from the judgments of sentence imposed on February 9, 1993. Appellant was found guilty in two separate trials of more than 150 counts of aggravated assault, 18 Pa.C.S. 2702; recklessly endangering another person, 2705; terroristic threats, 2706; endangering the welfare of children, 4304; corruption of minors, 6301; false imprisonment, 2903; simple assault, 2701; prohibited offensive weapons, 908; rape, 3121; statutory rape, 3122; involuntary deviate sexual intercourse, 3123; aggravated indecent assault, 3125; indecent exposure, 3127; incest, 4302; and criminal conspiracy, 903.

Overview: "These charges arose from the horrific sexual, physical and emotional abuse and neglect by appellant, Rickie Jay Gaddis, of his minor children." Gaddis was sentenced to 235 years (plus) in prison. The appellate court affirmed his sentence but vacated his fine. There had been concern he was going to capitalize on his crimes by selling a book. The police stated at the time that the children were subjected by their parents and neighbors to ritualistic torture that included bloodlettings with a sword, satanic ceremonies, hot needles under their fingernails, sodomy, stretching and tattooing. See, "Pa. couple is charged with torturing children; Police say neighbors also took part in abuse", The Atlanta Journal and Constitution, November 26, 1991; and "Pennsylvania Couple Charged With Brutalizing Their Children," The Washington Post, November 26, 1991: and "Parents charged with Torturing their Children", Associated Press, Nov. 25, 1991

November 1992, Austin, Texas; People of Texas v. Frances and Daniel Keller, Case #924217, Convicted for aggravated sexual assault on a child; Sentenced to 48 years. Both cases upheld on appeal No. 3-92-603-CR, and No. 3-92-604-CR on Oct 26, 1994.

Overview: News articles chronicling the trial cited more than one child thought to be abused at "Fran's Day Care" in Austin, Texas, operated by the Keller's, but this particular case cites their conviction of only one child, while news reports say other charges with other children are pending. Tears were found in the child's vagina. Douglas Wayne Perry, the ex-husband of one of the two other alleged perpetrators who were former deputy constables, confessed that he, along with the constables and the Kellers, engaged in "beer and sex parties, during which several children were sexually assaulted by the adults while photographs were taken." He recanted his confession but then pleaded guilty to a charge of indecency with a child. He confessed to tearing a head off a doll and threatening the children that if they told, their heads would come off the same way. The children described ritual acts, being terrorized in a graveyard, seeing animals killed and bodies dug up and mutilated with a chainsaw.

A 6-yr-old child, who also claimed to be a victim, testified on the behalf of the 3 1/2 year old and called Fran's Day Care, "Fran's Hate Care." The defense lawyers used videos showing some the younger child recanting, saying the abuse never happened, to try to undermine the case. The parents claimed that one of the perpetrators was flashing threatening hand signals during the child's testimony. The defense also stated that the claims were "too outlandish to be believed" because the children also spoke of going on airplane rides and seeing a baby killed. A child led an investigator to a graveyard where they found animal bones. Parents of two children, who said they were abused, have filed a civil suit holding three people accountable (the three described above) for not reporting the abuse. Another mother said "I put my son in a mental hospital as a result of this abuse (by the Kellers), and it's only been through over a year of intensive psychotherapy that he's begun to partially heal." See, "6-yr-old testifies he witnessed abuse of girl", Nov. 24, 1992 , and "Kellers found guilty of sexual assault", Nov. 26, 1992, Austin American Statesman

October 1992, Earnest v. State, Supreme Court of Georgia, 422 S.E.2d 188, Conviction for murder affirmed.

Overview: Earnest was convicted of malice murder. A self-described high priest of a satanic cult performed a satanic ritual over the female victim. Evidence of Satan worship and evidence of the cult's involvement in church vandalisms was admissible as evidence as to motive for the crime.

September 1992, Eastland County, Texas. The STATE OF TEXAS VS. PHIL STANLEY ROGERS; Case No. 18, 738; Charged and pleaded guilty to "Indecency with a child, younger than 17 years, committed during the course of a ritual." Jury sentence - 99 years.

Overview: A news report [no date yet], cites that the rituals began with the purchase of a Ouija board. Items taken as evidence included books covering satanic topics, pentagram symbols, candles, daggers and wands.

April 1992, In the Matter of the Welfare of J. M. P., C9-91 -1899, COURT OF APPEALS OF MINNESOTA, Lexis 436. Termination of Parental Rights Affirmed.

Overview: By the mother's own admission, her past included "years of sexual and physical abuse, parental neglect, early and long-standing addiction to numerous drugs, serious mental health problems, and involvement in a satanic cult." Her child was taken into custody after two hospitalizations due to overdosing. The mother was involved in four incidents, three involving criminal convictions, which caused harm to children, including J.M.P. The mother tried to commit suicide, and was diagnosed with borderline personality disorder.
March 1992, Orlando, Florida; Margie Wright pleaded no contest to three charges of attempted sexual battery and two charges of attempted lewd acts and was sentenced to 5 1/2 years in prison. Jim Wright was convicted of raping and fondling five children.

Overview: Three news articles describing the case cite that this couple were charged with molesting children in the context of satanic rituals. The parents of three of the victims moved residences and the prosecutor expressed concern because the children had been threatened by the cult not to testify. The victim's parents met the Wrights through their Church. The children reported that they saw Wright sacrifice a stray dog, slit its throat and stomach and remove some entrails. Sheriff's investigators found the dog's skeleton near the Wright's trailer. The Wright's molested children during their "Magic Show." The victims said he pulled a gun out of a hat and made their underwear disappear. They stated that Jim Wright put a "bad curse" on them and said "devil words." The children described satanic symbols, chalices filled with blood and a box containing a corpse. They had been told not to tell or their parents would be killed. Maggie Wright testified against her husband while she pleaded no contest to reduced charges. See, "Convict's Wife Sentenced for Trying to Molest Kids", Orlando Sentinel Tribune, May 9, 1992; "A Family Fears That Satanic Cult will try to Silence their Sons," Orlando Sentinel Tribune, August 10, 1991; "Child Abuse Suspect Trades
Testimony for Lesser Charges", Orlando Sentinel Tribune, January 31, 1992

January 1992, THE STATE OF WASHINGTON V. Paul Ross Ingram, NO. 13613-9-II Division Two, Confession to sexual molestation and 20 yr. exceptional sentence affirmed.

Overview: Paul Ingram, former Thurston County chief civil deputy sheriff and 16-year law enforcement officer, was arrested November 28, 1988 following allegations of sexual abuse made by his daughters, then about 18 and 22 years old. Ingram waived his right to counsel and made incriminating statements. After six months of further investigation and interrogation, Ingram was charged by amended information with six counts of rape in the third degree, three counts per daughter covering July through October 1988. He tried to withdraw his guilty plea but that was denied.

Note: It's been widely reported (by the officer's involved) that Ingram also confessed to ritually abusing his children in the context of satanic ceremony, which his daughters also claimed took place. Richard Ofshe of the FMSF tried to talk Ingram out of his confession by claiming he confessed in a "trance-like" state and "proved" that by suggesting to Ingram a case scenario which very well could have happened. In reality, Ofshe's experiment was not proof of "false memories" or proof of a false confession, and the court rejected these claims. Both Ofshe and Elizabeth Loftus of the False Memory Syndrome Foundation also testified at Ingram's clemency hearing trying to help obtain his release. According to news articles and the Clemency Board Transcripts, Ingram's son also attended that particular hearing and asked the board to keep his father in prison, as did other members of the Ingram family, which the board did. See, "Felons hope for a parting gift from Lowry", Seattle Times, Dec. 12, 1996

Feb 1992, San Francisco, California; Michael A. Aquino, Plaintiff-Appellant v. Michael P.W. Stone, Secretary of the Army, 957 F.2d 139, 768 F.Supp. 529 - Dismissal of lawsuit affirmed.

Overview: Michael Aquino, the founder of a Satanist group, Temple of Set, was a Lt. Col in the Army Active Reserves. After the Presidio Day Care case, he sued the Army after they "titled" him under an investigatory report for indecent acts with a child, sodomy, conspiracy, kidnapping, and false swearing, and for his dismissal from the active reserves. The documents state:

"Aquino contends that evidence collected by the Army CID did not justify its creating an investigation report titled under his name and that those involved with the investigation were motivated to remove him from the Army because he is the founder of the Temple of Set, a Satanist religion."

"Aquino filed suit in the district court under the Privacy Act, U.S.C 552a(g) to compel the Army to amend the investigatory report about him and for damages resulting from his discharge from the service, which he attributes to the inaccurate records about him.

"{1} In 1990 a continuation board of the Army Reserve recommended discontinuing Aquino's service in the Reserve, and he was processed out of the Army."

Aquino was never criminally charged and the Army released its report and titled him 3 months after the criminal statute of limitations ran. Aquino's lawsuit against the Army was dismissed.

Note: Aquino claims to have received a Meritorious Certificate from the Army in 1994.

Sept. 1988, Santa Rosa, Calif; People v. Daryl T. Ball, Court No. 14750-C, Pleaded no contest to lewd and lascivious acts with 6 child victims.

Overview: The case involved brutal sexual assault of these children in the context of a "devil worship club." The two main culprits, Charlotte Thrailkill and Daryl Ball, were caught and sentenced to prison. The Criminal Investigative Division of the Army interviewed some of these same children in their "titling" investigation of Michael Aquino of the Temple of Set. (Case above). This case was described by the prosecutor as involving multi-victims/perpetrators and ritual abuse, although Ball and Thrailkill were the only ones charged. The prosecutor described the extreme terror the children experienced and the difficulty for them to testify. During the 18 month preliminary hearing, the children testified that they were threatened to keep quiet or the perpetrators would eat their mothers hearts and make them eat it. They described being given injections (or were bled), and being tied up. Daryl Ball threatened witnesses to keep them from testifying. The children also described being molested while being filmed with a banner in the background reading "Super Duper Child Molest Day." They were forced to watch the video of their own molest afterwards. A plea bargain was struck, reportedly to spare the kids from having to testify further.

**In Sept. 1998, Charlotte Thrailkill was declared a violent sexual molest predator--the first female to have that distinction in California. See, "Thrailkill a sexual predator, Ex-SR woman first in state with designation", Santa Rosa Press Democrat, Sept. 9, 1998

July 1991, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania v. Jason L. Enders,
et al, 407 Pa. Superior Ct. 201, Conviction Affirmed.

Overview: Defendants were convicted of false imprisonment stemming from their participation in a Satanic cult ritual. Victim stated he wanted nothing to do with them but he was forcibly taken to an abandoned barn and tied to stakes in the ground over a pentagram drawn in the dirt. A satanic ritual was performed over him. He had a leather collar with nails placed around his neck. One of the defendants punctured his neck by pressing on the nails and placed his fingers in the victim's blood and then to his lips. He was released after being warned he'd be killed if he told anyone. The appellate court stated admitting evidence of belief in and involvement in Satanism at the time was relevant and probative. Skulls and books were taken from their homes as evidence.

April 1991, Montana. State of Montana v. Leon Lloyd Whitcher, 810 P2d 751, Conviction Affirmed.

Overview: A 30 yr. old self-described "high priest" of a satanic cult had sexual intercourse with a 14 yr. old without consent. Prior to the assault, he asked her a series of questions about initiation into his satanic cult, whether she wanted "power," and if she'd "obey a high priest." He told her to change into a black robe, lie down, and stare at a pentagram painted on the ceiling before he assaulted her.


Overview: According to Roland, he murdered his friend after becoming involved in Satanism, began using drugs, and listening to groups like "Megadeth" that "advocated sexual and physical violence." He began hallucinating, practiced self-mutilation, tortured and killed animals and "chanted" to Satan for power. He developed a mentor relationship with another teen Satanist and they both decided to sacrifice Steve Newberry by clubbing him to death. Roland believed this human sacrifice would "cause Satan to appear and give them power." Roland wanted the defense expert on the occult to testify about the effects of Satanism on the mind. The court let the expert testify to other aspects of the occult but didn't feel that he was qualified to testify on psychiatric aspects of the case.

Oct 89, People of the State of Illinois, v. Andrew Kokoraleis, No. 65229, Supreme Court of Illinois, 547 N.E.2d 202. Conviction for murder and death penalty affirmed.

Overview: Four members of a satanic cult, including Robin Gecht, were perpetrators in a series of gruesome murders, rituals, and acts of cannibalism over a number of years.

"Thomas Kokoraleis told investigators that the room had contained an altar, made from a board covered with red cloth, where cult members cut up animal parts, and sometimes human parts, for sacrifice. See, "GRUESOME CLUES LED TO AN ALTAR IN AN ATTIC", Chicago Tribune, October 12, 1987

Dec. 17, 1990, Conviction for first degree murder perpetrated by torture affirmed; No. C-92-1523 EFL UNITED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE NORTHERN DISTRICT OF CALIFORNIA 1995 U.S. Dist. LEXIS 19425 - habeas petition denied; June 1985, San Francisco, Calif., People v. Cliff St. Joseph, 226 Cal. App. 3d 289,

Overview: A body was discovered in San Francisco, California on June 15, 1985. "John Doe" had multiple stab wounds, genital injuries, and a pentagram had been carved into his chest. The court notes that there was "substantial evidence" that it was a sadistic, ritualistic human sacrifice consisting of whipping with a chain, slashing the victim's lips, dripping wax into the victim's eyes, burning and carving the victim's flesh with a knife, multiple stabbings, tying the limbs with guitar wire, and genital mutilations. The identity of the victim was never established. The case was solved when the police arrested 4 people for disturbing the peace, one of whom was a Ricky Hunter. Hunter claimed St. Joseph and the others had held him against his will and assaulted him; there was talk of satanic worship and the other three people had been speaking of "sacrificing" him. One of the offenders stated he had been present when St. Joseph had "John Doe" in his home and he helped St. Joseph dispose of the murdered victim described above. The court found that there was sufficient evidence proving that the injuries had been inflicted on the victim while he was still alive. The Coroner testified that some of the wounds inflicted were consistent with sadomasochistic practices, but the Court made a point of highlighting that the manner in which the victim was murdered, along with inferred intent, indicated that this was a ritualistic sacrifice.

February 1990, Utah. STATE of Utah v. Alan B. HADFIELD, 788 P2d 506 Convictions for sodomy and child molest; remanded back to court for evidentiary hearing.

Overview: A. Hadfield was convicted of sodomy and sexual abuse of his children after his children testified against him. He appealed based on claims of "newly discovered evidence." This was an allegation by a paralegal who stated that the therapist involved in counseling his children and others in this Mormon community was the common factor in these cases, and inferred that the therapist was responsible for the allegations. The appellate opinion cites that at "least fifteen adults and fifteen children were identified as participants in various unusual sexual activities, including instances of group abuse of children by adults. The activities described by the children involved satanic ritual, costumes and masks, photography equipment, men dressing in women's clothing, and frequent episodes of playing with and consuming human excrement. A specific instance of abuse related to Dr. Snow by W. and described by her at trial for example, involved defendant's removing feces from Ex.'s rectum with a spoon and forcing him to play with it." The appellate court remanded the case back to court for an evidentiary hearing if the affidavit by the paralegal had merit.

Note: According to the prosecutor, the judge reviewed the information and found that there was no evidence to support the claims of the paralegal. Alan Hadfield's conviction still stands and he was released from probation in 1998.

April 1989, Harold Glenn Smith v. The State of Texas, No. B14-86-00659-CR, Lexis 794, Conviction for murder affirmed.

Overview: A group tricked one of their friends into accompanying them to a cemetery where they tortured him. A witness testified that Smith compared the planned murder of his victim with animal sacrifice rituals he had carried out before. The prosecution presented evidence of his satanic belief system.

1989, New York. Monika Beerle, a dancer in New York was dismembered by her boyfriend, Daniel Rakowitz. He was found not guilty by reason of insanity but was sent to a mental institution. In 1992, Randy Charles Easterday, 27, was charged as a participant in the crime.

Overview: Reportedly, Monika's boyfriend was involved in a satanic cult and he had served a human finger in soup to homeless people. News report states, "the group to which Rakowitz and Easterday belonged has been identified by NY Newsday as a cult of devil worshipers who operated out of the Church of the Realized Fantasy. Police sources claimed they butchered her in a ritual sacrifice and a satanic offering." See, "New arrest in Swiss dancer slaying raises cult specter.", UPI, Feb. 18,1992 and "Acquitted 'cannibal killer' to stay put", UPI, Oct. 25, 1995

November 1989, Gibreville, Gabon. Mba Ntem was found guilty and sentenced to death for murder and leading cannibalism rites.

Overview: Several members of this religious cult were found guilty of aiding in "cannibalism ceremonies by serving human flesh to worshippers." A victim's mutilated remains were found in another town, and a photo was published of the high priest with a knife in his teeth and a jar containing pieces of a victim's tongue in his manacled hands. In the ceremony led by Ntem, members of the cult ate the victim's stomach, liver, heart, lungs, tongue and genitals in what their leader called a "sacred plate." Some of the worshippers were unaware of the contents, Ntem told the court. The court prohibited other details from being released. The news article states that "Animism" is a loose religious belief popular in central Africa and other parts of the word that a spirit or force resides in every animate and inanimate object. See, "Death Sentence for High Priest in Cannibalism Trial," Associated Press, November 26, 1989.

December 1988, State of Ohio. v. John L. Fryman, Case No. CA87-10-125, Lexis 5296, Conviction for murder affirmed.

Overview: Fryman took a woman to his "sorcery room where he had erected an altar for satanic worship". He shot her. The next day he cut off the woman's legs above the knees and disposed of them behind an old church. The rest of the body was never found. Fryman claimed that he had killed her because she had insulted him by bringing another magician to his trailer, and that he disposed of her legs behind the church because "it was the place he practiced magic. By throwing her legs there he increased the power of that spot."

November 1988, Singapore. Three cult members hanged for

Overview: Adrian Lim, 46, his wife, Tan Mui Choo, 34, and his girlfriend Hoe Kah Hong, 33, were convicted in 1983 of murdering Agnes Ng Siew Heok, eight, and Ghazali Marzuki, 10, in 1981. The three perpetrators belonged to a cult that believed sacrificing children could bring good luck. The three drank the children's blood after suffocating them in a bathtub. Another news report writes that the "macabre ritualistic killings included drinking the children's blood, trances, and electric shock 'treatments.'" See, "Three Singaporeans Hanged for Cult Murder of Children", Reuters, November 25, 1988 and "Three hanged in Singapore for ritual killings" UPI, Nov 25, 1988

July 1988, New York, In the Matter of DANIEL "DD" et al., Alleged to be Abused and Neglected Children, 530 N.Y.S.2d 314, July 7, 1988. Finding of Neglect Affirmed.

Overview: The mother was appealing an order from Family Court finding she had neglected her children. She had allowed visitations to continue between the father and his girlfriend even though she knew that the girlfriends children had been removed from the home for sexual abuse, and she did not question the situation until the father and girlfriend were arrested on sexual abuse charges. Social Services had investigated the case. All children had been forced by threats of physical abuse to "engage in acts of sexual intercourse...among themselves and with adults." In addition, they described participation in forced acts of bestiality, as well as involvement in satanic rituals involving the sacrifice of animals and the drinking of blood. The court cites there was evidence that the mother may have been involved in these activities as well.

August 1986, State of Maine v. Scott Waterhouse. 513 A.2d 862, Murder conviction affirmed

Overview: Waterhouse was convicted for the murder of a 12 yr. old girl. Evidence of Satanism and excerpts from the "Satanic Bible" were admitted at trial for purposes of showing motive and intent. During taped conversations with detectives, Waterhouse described his beliefs about sex and destruction rituals.

March 1986, Commonwealth of Massachusetts v. Carl H. Drew, 489 N.E.2d 1233, Murder conviction affirmed.

Overview: Drew was convicted of the first degree murder of one of his satanic cult members in Fall River. The victim, Karen Marsden, was identified by a portion of the skull, clumps of hair, clothing, and jewelry. Evidence was admitted describing Marsden and another woman who worked for Drew as prostitutes. Another prostitute, Doreen Levesque was killed. According to witness testimony... "the killing was performed as a diabolic ritual during which the soul of Marsden was purportedly given to Satan." Earlier, Marsden had tried to sever relationship with the cult. Drew threatened to kill her on several occasions, which he finally did. "Murphy dragged Marsden by the throat and hair into the woods. As she did this, the defendant walked alongside while Fletcher and Davis followed close behind. Murphy and the defendant then began striking Marsden with rocks. After further brutalizing Marsden, the defendant ordered Murphy to slit Marsden's throat and Murphy complied. The defendant then tore the head from the body and kicked it." Drew later told another person that he had killed Marsden because "she wanted to leave the cult and that he wanted her to feel pain." The court specifically stated Drew's involvement in Satanism and the victim's desire to leave the cult was evidentially important to detail the context of the crime to the jury, as opposed to viewing the murders as just random acts of violence.

February 1986, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, v. Frank G. Costal, Jr., 505 A.2d 337, Murder conviction affirmed.

Overview: Expert testimony regarding Satanism and mind control was admitted into the court record to explain the killings of a mother and her 4 yr. old daughter. The killings appeared to be in retaliation for the mother's interference in a drug deal and homosexual relationship between her husband and Costal. The state submitted evidence that the murders were performed in a "ritualistic manner." The victims were stabbed in a similar fashion, in the same pattern. Ceremonial robes, books, posters, plastic skulls and bats, and marriage licenses drawn up by Costal and signed by him as a "high priest" of Satan were seized from his apartment. A witness testified that Costal told him of attendance at human sacrifices and that 17 was the number of stab wounds required at these ritualistic killings.

December 1983, Detroit, Michigan. Arzell Jones was convicted of first-degree criminal sexual conduct, single counts of kidnapping and using a firearm during a felony. Linda Greene was convicted of two counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

Overview: Arzell Jones, a private investigator, and Linda Greene, a Detroit policewoman, were convicted of sexually assaulting a 31-year-old woman who was held for more than three days and forced to take part in satanic rituals. The prosecutor stated the woman was a victim of some "cultism, some ultimate psychological warfare". See, "Judge Says Victim was Subjected to 'Reign of Terror' Man, Policewoman Guilty of Sexual Assault in Satanic Rituals," Detroit Free Press, December 3, 1983.

May 1982, William Smith v. Commonwealth of Massachusetts, 436 N.E.2d 377, Immunity for witness was affirmed..

Overview: William Smith contested immunity for witness who was to testify against him for a murder. The appellate opinion states "these murders were among a series of ritual killings performed in the Fall River area by members of a Satanic cult ...The witness described the ritual that accompanied the murder, and named various participants." The witness also recanted
several times before finally testifying.

September 1979, Philippines. A couple were charged with murder for "eating" two brothers..

Overview: Police reported that a couple, whose names were not disclosed, belonged to a sect which believed that cannibalism confers supernatural powers. The brothers were kidnapped from a city 650 miles from Manila. They were allegedly beheaded by members of the sect, then photographs of the beheadings were taken by a leader of the cult and sent to the widow of one of the victims. Officials stated it took a long time to bring charges because witnesses were too fearful of testifying due to fears of reprisals by the cannibal sect. See, "A man and his wife have been charged by Philippines police with eating two brothers." Reuters, September 20, 1979

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