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Default Re: COINTELPRO/FBI/Freemasons

Mind control and psychological warfare are the primary weapons that led to our current Monarch Moment. Cults like Scientology/Freemasons and mind control-manufactured Monarch girlies and Operation Mockingbird are the fungus among us that has been eating away at the foundations of democracy for decades....

. To end these crimes I recommend authorities detain NSA director General and Army intelligence director General . More evidence is free online in books and films titled MONARCH: The New Phoenix Program. The perpetrators will block the websites, use fake websites, or use a strategy called shoot the messenger, a smear campaign, one PR disaster after another to change the subject away from their crimes. Please, ignore the smoke screen and focus on the facts and just the facts.

True victims of gangstalking are not programmed....They twist it..
We are the sane ones.. They have there breathen mind controlled
thur there
Illuminati that tricked down to the porch masons, there flunkies.
If they hear voices and alll the other electroinc barrage, Its their drones..

There may be victims hearing voices, voices moving cigs and all the other , BUT its them., not us, They may be rejects...from there programming and really hear this.. BUT, let me make it clear to all, TRUE victims of gangstalking DO NOT HEAR voices, nor all the other .
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