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Default Re: COINTELPRO/FBI/Freemasons

This is a typical reply from the freemasons online that we have to deal with..
This is to discredit real victims...And to try to apply /instill there warped thinking into US.

Truman Burbank
Um.. No dude. You're faking.
06/15/2010 06:33 AM

if you email me, i'll explain in detail....Ron
P.S. I'm a victim as well !!

You are not a victim. You are simply someone who, like thousands of others, are watching me, the LONE and SOLE electronic harassment victim who's transmission just happens to be "in the clear" (I.e. not encrypted/scrambled by the people who are responsible for my implants), and using my experience to help craft your story of being a "so-called" victim.

But that's okay. You people can do what you want. I really don't know intentions of you posers (Good or bad), nor do I care at this point. I will be exposing everything from the political cult that's running this whole "fishbowl" operation, to showcasing the photos and videos of the "human scientists" responsible for this sick behavioral experiment, that somehow managed to convince everyone that this is some legitimate role playing game that people can get involved in just for the sake of one person.

The more humane and ethical thing to do would have been to just tell me personally: "Hay man. Look at this. you're streaming audio and video on the net through your eyes and ears!" Then I would've gotten it taken care of much sooner. Instead, I'm exploited like a two dollar pro, passed around from country to country, with everyone commenting and planning their day around what I happen to be "thinking about, or researching online. case in point, your post above. I believe anyone who willing participates in this travesty is a broken soul who needs to fix whatever went wrong in their won lives, and leave mine alone. I'm already being irratiated by strong RF energy due to these audio and video implants in my head 24/7. My risk of getting cancer and tumors skyrockets. Imagine going through this since 1981, and here it is 2010. My growth and appearance has been drastically altered during my childhood because of the constant bombardment of this RF radiation at my head, which affects brain development and growth (pituitary gland).

Some now imagine me not only being tortured with the radiation, but now being psychologically assaulted by total strangers (like you) mocking my situation by posting fake victim stories based off of MY (not your) experience. And Compound that with the ongoing humiliation of having certain people devoid of a soul take the raw video and audio feeds to mash up into a movie depicting me as a [fill in the blank]. People purposely put me in certain situation to advance a certain storyline, and all the video from both their camera phones and my eyeballs are edited together to weave a movie, which is show in the clear on the Internet.

Compound that with people who view this movie, and don't know me personally, now see me as the "script writers" what me portrayed (in a negative light). So when they do come in contact with me, they're ready to call the cops based on a work of fiction.

That's a lot of stress to carry, and it pains me to see the ugly side of human nature with you and other mocking my situation like it's a joke. I normally wouldn't want people to go through what I'm going through, but in this case, I'm going to outright say that I hope and pray that this really does happen to the people who are mocking me by playing the fake victim role. One you and others get a taste of what it's really like, you would no longer be quick to sit back and watch someone slowly die for your enjoyment, or participating to get a fast buck off his/her demise. This is not something to play with nor joke about.

Most people in my situation would have killed themselves (or others) long ago.

Notice I'm still here. That's because my will for exposing the truth is far greater than my will to give up on life, although I'm sure that's what you and your fellow "Acting" friends" would like (to see me die). But if it's a snuff film you want to see, you will have to do it the old fashion way.

Eric B.
P.S. Reply if you'd like, but I most likely won't respond.
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