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Default Why did Hitler invade Poland ?

<a href="">Why did Hitler invade Poland ?</a>

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The Polish Bolsheviks kill 58,000 German Nationals in the Danzig corridor

On 'Bloody Sunday' 5500 Germans were murdered:

The "Bromberg Bloody Sunday" is perhaps best known. Polish Jews were confident they would win against Germany and went on a rampage of ' Blood Lust ' that was unmatched. Groups of Bolsheviks attacked from Ponz, Lotz and Warsaw approached the town and started killing the farmers on the outskirts. Children were nailed to barns, women were raped and hacked to death with axes men were executed where they stood.

Bolshevik leaders of the Ponz, Warsaw and Lodz Jewish groups
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On Bromberg Bloody Sunday, thousands of ethnic Germans were slaughtered like pigs in an alley because the majority "poles" (the "slavic", non-Teutonic types, really Turco-Ugaric, Hunnic, Tartar and Mongoloid residue from the old "Dark Age" invasions) knew they could do so with total impunity.

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Who benefits?

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The 5 ' 6 " Jewish Stalin and Bolsheviks now have their war and British, French, American, Canadian, etc blood will be spilt all over Europe to decimate Germany and open the world to the Jewish swindle called communism.
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