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Default Re: Lack of real political discussion on web

How do I get a job MAX!

I wonder about all the so called "government employed" forum posters.

I dont wander around to much but from what i've seen the disinformationists are pretty lame. In fact it's pathetically lame.

The people on the net are pretty canny and a NEo Con stooge is about as hard to spot as a elephant at a midget convention.

I believe they create there own forums and stock them with hacks. But places like here and LF and many others would be hard to penetrate.

Like Microsoft and AOL and others, i think they try to channel the newer people down a path from the start and NEVER let a non-mainstream opinion through there head.

Besides, alot of the sheeple dont need prompting. Anything to keep the truth away...they'll happily be told bullshit and stay on a forum that reinforces the value that things are just fine.
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