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Default Re: November 9, 2010 - Latitude: Freemasonry & Longitude: Ununoctium

Originally Posted by BlueAngel View Post
Your post doesn't make any sense.

Specifically the following:

"The last element in the periodic table is Ununoctium. In 2006, researchers indirectly detected a total of three nuclei of Ununoctium-294, produced via collisions of Californium-249 atoms, and Calcium-48 ions. Ununoctium is radioactive and has the negative attribute of being highly unstable. The atomic number for this element is 118."

Shall I ban you now, or later?
Respectfully, this thread (as well as the 11/5/2010 thread) does make sense. Being this is a conspiracy forum I am assuming those that frequent here are paying attention to events currently taking place. This post, in particular, points to such an event with both accuracy and detail.

It baffles me to be threatened with a ban for posting something that "you" may not understand at this moment in time. Others however (with the ability to see the pattern and cycle), may quite easily see the connection presented.

I encourage you to keep an open mind and use this as a tool to find the truth. Denying others of this only contributes to the problem.

Kind regards,

- Th3 Sh3ph3rd
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