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Default Re: The Christ Messenger part 6 (19th June 2010)

Freemasonry and 3rd eye
The single eye is one of the most prominent symbols in Freemasonry where it is described as the ‘Fathers all seeing eye’ and again represents Osiris the sun god who was the god of the dead. In Greece Osiris was known as Dionysus the god of pleasures and wine and in Rome as Bacchus or Liber, the Persians named him Mithra the eye of the sun.
Charles Vail, a mason, writes ‘The eye is the symbol of higher clairvoyence and the Master Mason always possessed this sight. It was always placed in all Egyptian Temples and represents the ancient never sleeping eye of God’, Masonic author J D Buck writes ‘about the all seeing eye that a real Master (of the Lodge) has the eye of Siva, active in him, the vibrations of his brain correspond to the synthesis of light and sound’.
One former witch and another Freemason comments To ‘open’ the eye a little bit is to experience psychic powers, To open the eye completely is to flood yourself with the pure consciousness of Lucifer himself’. (The eye is opened by the rituals of Freemasonry)."

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