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Default Re: Disinformation agents: Alex Jones and Jeff Rense

“The Illuminati knows the people are going to find out about them …the best thing they can do is call your attention towards something else & say that’s that. So they have reflected the attention on Zionism …The only problem is that most of the people in the Illuminati aren’t Jews. Their founders were Jews by birth, but not by religion. But most of its leaders, except for the Rothschilds, are Gaelic: Scotch or French Gaelic. It’s got nothing to do with Jews. Families & most of the people serving on the Grand Druid, their family trees go back to the pagan temples in Rome & Greece & England, to the original priesthood. Some go back as far as Egypt & Babylon. It’s got nothing to do with the Jews.”

At the same time, its clear the Rothschilds, a family of Sabbatean Jewish Cabalists, top the Illuminati hierarchy: HOWEVER, most jews dont belong to any org. and intermarry and are, once again, being an escape goat for the zionists.. Orthodox jews get shafted every time !!!. always.....these bastards kill jews christians,muslims, makes no difference, , wars mean $$$$

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