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Default Re: Major Damning Evidence Against Luke Rudkowskimajor Damning Evidence Against Luke

Members of We Are Change NYC have begun to turn on their leader, Luke Rudkowski. Members of We Are Change NYC have finally begun to question Luke Rudkowski on the finances. There was a meeting scheduled for Saturday November 6th 2010 at 56 walker street in Manhattan, New York City. The agenda of that meeting was for Luke to produce receipts and reports.

However, under the advisement of Matt Lepacek and Scott Starr he did not show up. Luke Rudkowski’s absence from the November 6th meeting has caused internal arguments within the We Are Change NYC. A comment posted on Matt Lepacek’s Facebook wall which read “homeboys gonna get Rocked” tells a tale of frustration. Even Craig Fitzgerald is demanding to know why Luke Rudkowski was advised to stay away from the meeting.

Apparently, Scott Starr and Matt Lepacek are trying to buy Luke Rudkowski some time to gather the records. Then again, this could be another ploy to protect Luke and give him a chance to destroy evidence. Why do Scott Starr and Matt Lepacek who pride themselves as whistle-blowers of corruption act more like gate keepers? For those of you that are calling this infighting, we say it is more like resolving issues that have been allowed to fester for years in We Are Change NYC.

Luke Rudkowski’s support is slipping away. Those who were most loyal to him now want to see his head on a platter. Luke Rudkowski has allowed the issue of the finances to go on. Luke Rudkowski has shown that he will not answer questions; rather, he will kick people out of the group and delete We Are Change chapters.

We would like to clarify this is a black eye for Luke Rudkowski and We Are Change NYC chapter. We know that the other We Are Change Chapters are really fighting the New World Order and are doing a very good job at exposing government corruption. Luke Rudkowski is not the movement. This cleaning house will only strengthen the movement and give us more credibility to pursue a new 9/11 investigation.

From: Louie Bee
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